Cryptocurrency a.k.a Digital Currency Trend

Come join over a drink and mingle amongst like minded people to get to know how the world is adapting to cryptocurrency.

It is an info sharing session on:

+ What is cryptocurrency a.k.a digital currency?
+ How we interect with the world around us?
+ What is Blockchain?
+ Past, current & future in payment methods.
+ How to gain from cryptocurrency?
+ What is ETHTRADE?

Please feel free to share your thoughts for better engagement of the event.

This is a free event to participate without any charges for registering. However it’s a courteous gesture to the establishment owner to buy yourself a drink or a bite for allowing us to use the facility for free :-) We get to sit in a comfortable air-con environment and use of the restroom when needed. BTW we don't own any shares in the company!

“I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make them think” - Socrates

Thu May 18, 2017
3:00 PM - 4:30 PM MYT
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The Library Coffee Bar Level 3
Cryptocurrency a.k.a Digital Currency Trend FULL
Venue Address
Nu Sentral Shopping Mall, L3 06-08, Lvl 3, Nu Sentral, Jln Tun Sambanthan, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
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