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Why Your Business Need To Go Digital In 2017!

The future scope of the digital marketing industry will be determined by ideas and developments that call for the seamless interworking of mediums. It’s that simple.

Traditional marketing is dead. Well, that’d be a stretch. Traditional marketing is here to stay, but digital has changed the game. Marketing is evolving rapidly to incorporate both traditional and digital with integrated strategies. However, many brands have failed to incorporate digital into their communication mix.

1.Most of your potential customers spend time online

Twenty million Malaysians are on the internet, about two-thirds of the population, according to Internet World Stats.

Malaysia ranked fourth-highest globally for the size of its 'digital native' population, which is defined as the percentage of youths aged 15 to 24 with at least five years of active internet use.

2. It’s easier to get started with social media for business

It’s important to ensure your presence across multiple channels, at least on LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter and Facebook besides your website (and blog). Also, one must maintain consistency in communication and align it to off-line communications.

3. Because Digital Marketing Is More Cost-Effective than Traditional Marketing

Small businesses have very little resources and even capitalization. This is why Digital Marketing provides them with a better and much more cost-effective marketing channel that delivers results.This means that you can reach out to your potential customer with minimal cost!

What Bill Gates Says About Business And The Real World:

Learn The New And Different Digital Marketing Strategies To Grow Your Business

This program explores several aspects of the new digital marketing environment, including topics such as search engine optimisation, social media optimisation and content management.

When you complete the Digital Marketing Professional Bootcamp, you will have richer understanding of the foundations of new digital marketing landscape and acquire a new set of stories, concepts, and tools to drive success and growth for you business or career.

We use a structured program called RACE:

  • R - Reach

  • A - Act

  • C - Convert

  • E - Engage


Lesson 1 - Introduction to Digital Marketing

  • Setting Your Goals

  • Understanding Your Customer's Persona

  • Planning Your Digital Marketing Campaign

  • How To Retain and Automate The Sales Follow Up Using Email Marketing

Lesson 2 - Setting up Your Website (Part 1)

  • What is Wordpress

  • Setting up Domain and Hosting

  • Setting up Your First Wordpress Site

  • Customising the Basic Layout

Lesson 3 - Setting up Your Website (Part 2)

  • Setting up Theme on Wordpress

  • Setting up Landing Page

Lesson 4 - Search Engine Optimisation

  • Basic of SEO

  • How to Identify Keywords that Has Searches

  • Comparing Your Competition

  • Onpage Optimization

  • Offpage Optimization

  • Competition Analysis Software

Lesson 5 - Social Media Marketing (Part 1)

  • What is Facebook Marketing

  • How to Setup Page

  • Understanding Types of Advertisement in Facebook

Lesson 6 - Social Media Marketing (Part 2)

  • How to Set up Instagram Account

  • How to Use Instagram as Marketing Tool

  • Setting up Youtube Channel

  • How to use Youtube Marketing to Generate Leads

Lesson 7 - Social Media Marketing (Part 3)

  • How to use LinkedIn for Business

  • Setting up and Optimizing LinkedIn Profile

  • Understanding Types of Ads in LinkedIn

  • Setting up Your Twitter Account

  • Leveraging Twitter for Marketing Purposes

Lesson 8 - Affiliate Marketing

  • Introduction to Affiliate Marketing

  • Types of Affiliate Marketing Available

  • How to Earn Passive Income Through Affiliate

Lesson 9 - Landing Page Optimization

  • Optimizing Your Landing Page

  • Setting up Your First Landing Page

  • Importance of A/B Testing

  • How to Use Heatmap For Testing Purpose

  • How to use Google Analytics

Lesson 10 - Facebook Advertising

  • Best Methods in Using FB Paid Ads

  • Setting up and Optimizing a FB Campaign

Lesson 11 - Google Advertising

  • Understanding the Type of Google Paid Ads

  • Setting up Your Google Ads Campaign

  • Setting up Remarketing

Lesson 12 - Linkedin & Youtube Marketing

  • Understanding the Type of LinkedIn Ads

  • Setting up Your First LinkedIn Campaign

  • Understanding the Type of Youtube Ads

  • Setting Up Your First Youtube Campaign

Lesson 13 - Content Management

  • How to Identify What Content for Personas

  • How to Prepare Content in Different Formats

  • How to Craft Content in Websites

  • How to Identify Viral Contents

Lesson 14 - Video Animation

  • Using Software to Create Professional Videos

Lesson 15 - E-Mail Marketing

  • Understanding the Importance of Email Marketing

  • How to Craft Email for Higher Inbox

  • How to Increase Open Rate of Email

  • How to Set up an Email Campaign on Autopilot

Lesson 16 - Mobile Marketing

  • Understanding the Importance of Mobile Marketing

  • How to Use Mobile Marketing to Generate More Leads & Branding

  • Types of Mobile Advertising Available

Why Study Digital Marketing with Us?

1.We are one of the pioneers of digital marketing in Malaysia. We consulted and created digital marketing courses for universities and institutions.

2.We teach only what works today. Our courses are all up-to-date and we only focus on strategies that work, not just theories.

3.We have a wealth of practical experiences. We manage many big corporations and SME accounts in digital marketing helping them to generate leads and awareness.

4.We simply care about you. We know how to make you comfortable and want to see you succeed in digital marketing.

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