Dialogue Series 'Space of Taboos': Huh? Artist Wellness??


In the arts industry, performers subject themselves to all kinds of vulnerabilities. While learning to survive in an industry characterized by constant flux, we want to ask performers: 'What gives?' in their process of adapting to this pressure cooker.

‘How do I continue working 14-16 hour days in a sustainable way? Is there any other option that is financially sustainable?’

‘When is it acceptable to say NO, or does saying no affect the growth of my career?’

‘What is anxiety? (This is a tough industry. I have to be tough.)’

‘What is hustling?’

‘How do I step out of a character?’

‘Am I taking care of myself?’

‘What IS taking care of myself?’

We bring you Dialogue SERIES 'Space of Taboos': Huh? Artist Wellness?? In this dialogue, we hope to create a safe space for an open and honest sharing. We hope to address the concept of Mental Wellness specific to performers in the arts industry. However, solutions are not a must. This is hopefully, a first step in raising awareness, enlivening and empowering our community.

Panel includes: Michele Lim, Alvin Tan, Li-Anne Tan, moderated by Kuo Jian Hong.

About Practice Tuckshop

Located at the heart of the Waterloo Street Arts Belt, Practice Tuckshop is a collaborative creative playground for all. It is also a community space for friends, families and creatives to engage in meaningful conversations with our SERIES of programs, gather over a cup of tea, cosy up with a selection of books by celebrated playwrights about Singapore arts, or just drop by to lepak. All are welcome!

About Michele Lim

Michele Lim is an independent arts practitioner who works in the area of arts management. Her experience range from strategic planning, communications, business development, people development, project management, finance management, arts administration to producing.

Formerly the General Manager of TheatreWorks (S) Ltd, she has since worked in different capacities with diverse arts companies and practitioners, government and educational institutions in Singapore. She currently also teaches part time at LASELLE College of the Arts.

Michele is one of the founder members of the Singapore Drama Educators Association, SCAB Limited, Centre 42 Limited and the Singapore Theatre For Young Audiences Researchers.

About Alvin Tan

Alvin is the Founder and Artistic Director of The Necessary Stage and a leading proponent of devising theatre in Singapore, having directed more than 70 plays which have been staged localled and at international festivals. He has been awarded a Fullbright Scholarship and in 1998, was conferred the Young Artist Award for Theatre. In 2010, Alvin was conferred the Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres by the French Ministry of Culture , in recognition of his significant contribution to the arts. The following year, he was awarded Best Director at 2011 The Straits Times Life! Theatre Awards for Model Citizens by The Necessary Stage.

Alvin was previously invited by the Ministry of Education to design a drama syllabus at ‘O’ Levels for implementation in schools. In 2014, Alvin was conferred the Cultural Medallion for his artistic excellence and contribution to Singapore’s arts and cultural landscape. He is also currently the Artistic Director of Peer Pleasure, an annual youth-oriented theatre festival in Singapore.

About Li-Anne Tan

Li-Anne Tan has been involved with the art and complementary health modality of Kinesiology since 2001. She runs a private practice working with special needs children and other gifted children who may not fit into conventional systems .

She also works with adults who prefer a varied and body-based approach to personal development.

Li-Anne has received Kinesiology-based training in Touch for Health, Edu-Kinesiology, Lifeline Technique, Kinergetics, Early Childhood Reflex integration with Russian Psychologist Dr Svetlana Musgatova and Rhythmic Movement Training with Swedish Psychiatrist Dr Harald Blomberg and movement expert Moira Dempsey. She is also trained in body psychotherapy approaches such as Gentle Bioenergetics. LI-Anne strongly believes in the power of positive touch in the reduction of aggression. She is an Instructor in Butterfly Touch Massage, which promotes bonding, nurturing and relaxation between parent and child and other family members. More recently she has also been working with at risk youth, and teachers (special needs) to reduce non-violence in classrooms and society through Original Play, popularised by Dr Fred Donaldson. Although LI-Anne specializes in movement her work is informed an experiential understanding of psychology. She believes that her own personal and psychological developments feeds into her effectiveness as a therapist and has explored her own personal development through techniques such as art therapy. She currently works closely with a counselors and psychologists collaboratively on some cases.

In 2005, she won a Humanitarian Award from the Edu-K Foundation, for trauma relief work with Acehnese tsunami survivors using Brain Gym.

In her previous profession, she has been a pioneer in the complementary health field as a editor, journalist and founder of a holistic and complementary health magazine and Singapore’s first holistic health festival in Singapore.

About Kuo Jian Hong

Artistic Director of The Theatre Practice, theatre director, lighting and set designer, film/television director and producer, and independent film-maker, Jian Hong has always taken on multi-faceted creative roles within the arts.

Her works include IF THERE’RE SEASONS…, LAO JIU: THE MUSICAL, and LIAO ZHAI ROCKS!, all of which have boosted the spirit of local Chinese musical productions, attracted numerous music lovers to watch theatre for the first time, and nurtured a talented group of professionals involved both onstage and behind the scenes. Her passion for children's theatre also led her to direct award-winning THE wee QUESTION MARK AND THE ADVENTURER, integrating music and children's theatre. In addition, she constantly pushes the boundaries of her artistic endeavors through experimental pieces such as 1 Table 2 Chairs Experimental Series: 10 and Blank Run.

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