16 Lessons To Be A Professional Digital Marketer


Are You Ready to Become a Professional, Competitive and Highly In Demand Digital Marketer with 16 Lessons?

The digital landscape is propelling at lightning speed. Every industry has actually been impacted by the advancements in digital-- from retail to brand names and also firms. Has your supervisor lately appointed you a digital advertising role? Are you a project or account manager at a creative agency? Are you working with a small or medium business or a startup, where you need to handle all digital works by yourselves? Then this bootcamp is exactly what you should look for! Specifically designed for students and also professionals who would like to obtain a further understanding of every single knowledge about digital marketing.

This hands-on and very practical class will share you with tips as well as techniques on how to shout out your brands and also commercialization method, what digital channels are readily available to you as well as the best ways to use them, and also ways to track and assess all of your marketing initiatives with data-driven choices.

WHY Digital Marketing?

Do you aware your life is getting more digitalised? Smartphone, Online Shopping, Facebook, Google etc. You cannot deny the fact that digital marketing is rising. Everyone cannot leave without Internet and smartphone. You will able to leave your purse at home but never leave your smartphone aside you. This phenomenon has told you digital marketing has grown from a dubious trend to a significant influence in a comparatively short period of time.

By now you’ve probably heard the hype – digital marketing skills are in serious demand and the digital skills gap is set to widen, the job market is booming (and quite frankly bursting at the seams) and brands are putting more of a focus on digital marketing than ever before. Brands are cutting budgets in marketing, where brands still need marketing. Hence more budget in digital marketing, less budget in traditional offline marketing. Digital Marketing skill will increase the pay and more career choice are just some of the benefits digital marketing professionals can look forward to this year and beyond.

3 Major Benefits of Being a Digital Marketing Expert

Generate More Leads/Sales For Your Business with Minimum Marketing Budgets

lead generation

Become an In-Demand Professional

Stand Out From Your Peers

Learn from the No.1 Digital Marketing Training Company in Malaysia

This program explores several aspects of new digital marketing environment, including topics such as search engine optimisation, social media optimisation and content management. When you complete the Digital Marketing Professional Bootcamp, you will have richer understanding of the foundations of new digital marketing landscape and acquire a new set of stories, concepts, and tools to drive success and growth for you business or career.

We use a structured program called RACE:

  • R - Reach
  • A - Act
  • C - Convert
  • E - Engage

16 Lessons to Be A Professional Digital Marketer

Lesson 1 - Introduction to DM

  • Setting Your Goals
  • Understanding Your Customer's Persona
  • Planning Your Digital Marketing Campaign
  • How To Retain and Automate The Sales Follow Up Using Email Marketing

Lesson 2 - Setting up Your Website (Part 1)

  • What is Wordpress
  • Setting up Domain and Hosting
  • Setting up Your First Wordpress Site
  • Customising the Basic Layout

Lesson 3 - Setting up Your Website (Part 2)

  • Setting up Theme on Wordpress
  • Setting up Landing Page

Lesson 4 - Search Engine Optimisation

  • Basic of SEO
  • How to Identify Keywords that Has Searches
  • Comparing Your Competition
  • Onpage Optimization
  • Offpage Optimization
  • Competition Analysis Software

Lesson 5 - Social Media Marketing (Part 1)

  • What is Facebook Marketing
  • How to Setup Page
  • Understanding Types of Advertisement in Facebook

Lesson 6 - Social Media Marketing (Part 2)

  • How to Set up Instagram Account
  • How to Use Instagram as Marketing Tool
  • Setting up Youtube Channel
  • How to use Youtube Marketing to Generate Leads

Lesson 7 - Social Media Marketing (Part 3)

  • How to use LinkedIn for Business
  • Setting up and Optimizing LinkedIn Profile
  • Understanding Types of Ads in LinkedIn
  • Setting up Your Twitter Account
  • Leveraging Twitter for Marketing Purposes

Lesson 8 - Affiliate Marketing

  • Introduction to Affiliate Marketing
  • Types of Affiliate Marketing Available
  • How to Earn Passive Income Through Affiliate

Lesson 9 - Landing Page Optimization

  • Optimizing Your Landing Page
  • Setting up Your First Landing Page
  • Importance of A/B Testing
  • How to Use Heatmap For Testing Purpose
  • How to use Google Analytics

Lesson 10 - Facebook Advertising

  • Best Methods in Using FB Paid Ads
  • Setting up and Optimizing a FB Campaign

Lesson 11 - Google Advertising

  • Understanding the Type of Google Paid Ads
  • Setting up Your Google Ads Campaign
  • Setting up Remarketing

Lesson 12 - Linkedin & Youtube Marketing

  • Understanding the Type of LinkedIn Ads
  • Setting up Your First LinkedIn Campaign
  • Understanding the Type of Youtube Ads
  • Setting Up Your First Youtube Campaign

Lesson 13 - Content Management

  • How to Identify What Content for Personas
  • How to Prepare Content in Different Formats
  • How to Craft Content in Websites
  • How to Identify Viral Contents

Lesson 14 - Video Animation

  • Using Software to Create Professional Videos

Lesson 15 - E-Mail Marketing

  • Understanding the Importance of Email Marketing
  • How to Craft Email for Higher Inbox
  • How to Increase Open Rate of Email
  • How to Set up an Email Campaign on Autopilot

Lesson 16 - Mobile Marketing

  • Understanding the Importance of Mobile Marketing
  • How to Use Mobile Marketing to Generate More Leads & Branding
  • Types of Mobile Advertising Available

Who We Are?

We have over 48 years of combined experience, we help organisations & individuals take advantage of the opportunities created from digital disruption. Our specialty is creating long-term digital academies to effect major change within large organisations. We use proprietary research techniques and our experience to identify your requirements and customise digital development programs. Our training philosophy is focused on highly practical knowledge that delegates can use straight away.

Why Study Digital Marketing with DMC?

We are one of the pioneers of digital marketing in Malaysia. We consulted and created digital marketing courses for universities and institutions.

We teach only what works today. Our courses are all up-to-date and we only focus on strategies that work, not just theories.

We have a wealth of practical experiences. We manage many big corporations and SME accounts in digital marketing helping them to generate leads and awareness.

We simply care about you. We know how to make you comfortable and want to see you succeed in digital marketing.

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