Golden Point Award 2017 Workshop Series – Chinese Poetry




What makes good poetry with literary worth? What constitutes the elements of sequence poems that will win the hearts and minds of an audience? Are there really certain styles that make a set of poems work and therefore "award-winning"?

This session attempts to, through comparing and close-reading selected works of past Golden Point Award winning poetry entries of poetry especially in the Chinese category, discuss with the participants what works and what does not. The workshop will highlight how innovation in the various layers of the poems is crucial in conceptualising, rewriting and the final touch up of the entries. The session might also provide some useful inputs for participants with preliminary ideas for their poetry entries.


周德成,新加坡人,2014年新加坡文学奖得主(诗歌)、2009年获新加坡金笔奖诗歌组冠军。现为英国剑桥大亚洲学博士在读, 兼任国大中文系讲师。曾于新加坡南洋理工大学担任特任讲师。写现代诗,也创作小说和散文。新加坡作家协会受邀理事,及书法家协会评议员。2011-5年新加坡作家节及2014伦敦图书展新加坡推荐作家。2012 年出版图文诗集《你和我的故事》,其中有诗翻译成英、法文,参加2011年巴黎诗歌节,并为欧洲艺术家编成后现代音乐和短片、改编成绘画艺术。2015年组诗《五种孤独与静默》被改编成动漫短片,在院线公映

About the Facilitator:

Singapore-born, Chow Teck Seng (周德成)aka Zhou Decheng won awards including the 2014 Singapore Literature Prize & 1st prize (Chinese Poetry) at the 2009 Singapore Golden Point Award. Besides publishing his first poetry collection ‘The Story of You and Me’ in 2012, his poems and short stories are seen in both English and Chinese anthologies, local and overseas Chinese press, and in printed and online literary journals. A featured writer in 2015 New Delhi Book Fair, 2012,2014-6 Singapore Writers’ Festival and 2014 London Book fair, he is currently pursuing his PHD at the University of Cambridge (in literary criticism and comparative Sinophone literatures).



About the Golden Point Award:

The Golden Point Award is Singapore’s premier creative writing competition for Short Story and Poetry in the nation’s four official languages: English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil. Established by the National Arts Council since 1993, the national literary writing competition is a significant platform for literary excellence and launching new writers. The competition aims to identify and nurture new creative writing talent, develop the literary penmanship of writers in Singapore and to create a conducive environment for creative thinking and literary expression in Singapore.

Sat May 27, 2017
10:00 AM - 1:00 PM SGT
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