Golden Point Award 2017 Workshop Series – English Short Story


O Thiam Chin’s Guide to Short Story Writing

People, it’s always about the people

What is a short story? What does it do? Specifically what does it do to you, or for you? How do you even start writing one?

The Voice in your head (or maybe it’s just your guilty conscience, or your late grandmother’s whisperings)

Wait, who’s talking? Who or what or WTF is that voice in your story? Where does it come from? Is it a ‘I’ or a ‘he’ or a ‘they’, or some Tom, Harry, Dick? Start wisely, and you may save your life later.

Plot: Killing it or making a mess of it (or what did you have for breakfast today?)

Do you need a plot to begin? And if you hate plot, what are you to do? Use your imagination, or steal something, anything, from your own life or someone else’s? Well, do something, at least. Steal, kill, set it on fire—whatever.

The End: or the start of something wonderful (or the dream you had, of a richer, better life)

Anything that has a beginning has an end, or how else would you get on with the rest of your life. We all need/want/desire/crave a happy ending.

Edit like hell, or at least submit to a higher power (or take a hike, smell the flowers, and fly a kite)

Your first draft will always sucks, perhaps even sucks big time. Then how? Kill it? Rewrite? Sell your soul (or what it’s worth) for a better story? There are always ways (and dirty little tricks) to suck a little better (or worse?) in the earlier (or 197635th) drafts of your story.

O till be giving in person training and consultation on the art and joys of writing in this workshop. Sign up today! Spaces are limited.

About the Facilitator:

O Thiam Chin is the author of five collections of short fiction: Free-Falling Man, Never Been Better, Under The Sun, The Rest Of Your Life and Everything That Comes With It, and Love, Or Something Like Love. O was an honorary fellow of the Iowa International Writing Program in 2010, a recipient of the National Arts Council’s Young Artist Award in 2012, and has been shortlisted for the 2014 Singapore Literature Prize. He is the winner of the inaugural Epigram Books Fiction Prize for his first novel, Now That It's Over, and his second shortlisted novel, Fox Fire Girl, was published in March 2017. Signs of Life, a new collection of strange and dark tales, is forthcoming.

About the Golden Point Award:

The Golden Point Award is Singapore’s premier creative writing competition for Short Story and Poetry in the nation’s four official languages: English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil. Established by the National Arts Council since 1993, the national literary writing competition is a significant platform for literary excellence and launching new writers. The competition aims to identify and nurture new creative writing talent, develop the literary penmanship of writers in Singapore and to create a conducive environment for creative thinking and literary expression in Singapore.

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