Searching For The Meaning Of Life


Mark Twain said, 'The two most important days in your life are the day you are born, and the day you find out why.'

Was there a particular moment in your life that you asked yourself this question: Who am I?

Have you wondered why are you existing in the world?

Are you curious to find out your purpose in life?

And what exactly is important to you?

‘ I have been searching for the answer for so long and it seems I can never get to the truth. And after a while, I stopped. Because, I was overwelmed by life itself, there is so much to handle: work, relationships, finance, health. I numbed myself by telling myself that I might never figure it out what it is for me. It is just that, sometimes when I am taking the train, looking at people rushing for their lives facelessly, I pondered, what are we living our lives for?'

I was told by my parents and my society that success is defined by the school I go to, friends I have, job I choose. But deep inside, I know that it wasn't true, there is a voice telling me to break out of the norm. Yet, I am scared, I am lost, I don't know how to express it and how to make it come true. I am searching for something and yet it seems invisible. Friends have been telling me to stop searching for it, as it is unrealistic, but I want to find out...'

And yes, we understand how you feel. But more importantly, what are you going to do about it? Are you going to live with it OR are you DARE to find out Who you truly are?

And yes, this is not a 'Saturday-I-Have-Nothing-Else-To-Do-So-I-Go' event. We want you to want it, because we want to support you to support yourself.

And yes, we want you to come with an open mind, a curious heart and a fresh pair of eyes, to see what it is in front of you, to find out what is available for you and to realize what truly matters to you."

This is what you will get from attending the workshop:

- know how to stop wondering why you go to work every morning

- feel your past is serving you, it's not a burden anymore

- feel relief that it is not too late to find your purpose"

Introducing You to our Speaker and Host

Julia Ng (Our speaker) is a Professional Certified Coach and member of the International Coach Federation, she has coached over 700 people directly and 1,500 indirectly, with over 2,500 coaching hours under her belt. Her clients experience sustainable transformation and a distinct advantage in their performance and results—including developing emotional mastery leading to rewarding relationships, creating fulfilling career paths and businesses leading to monetary rewards and promotions, and greater work-life efficiency and improved health and vitality.

In her spare time, Julia conducts conversations on conscious living for the Executive Coach International community and the public in her Dwelling Sessions. She is also widely consulted and has a flair for writing. She has been featured in various media including 938Live, Johnson & Johnson’s Savvy Girl’s Guide to Getting the Extra Edge, Berita Harian, RUN Magazine, GLOW Magazine, Simply Her, and Women’s Weekly.

Hun Ming Kwang (Our host)

A Junior year Architecture undergraduate at SUTD and former student of NUS, Ming Kwang believes in making a difference. He is the co-founder and campaign manager driving Dream Singapore, a yearly national scale humanitarian coaching movement, since 2015. In 2016, the team impacted 522 individuals’ lives within 30 consecutive days and set both national and international records.

In 2014, Ming Kwang was the only international speaker at one of the largest world conferences in Daejeon, South Korea, where he shed inspiration and light on Design, Technology, Evolution, Transcendence, and Consciousness. He also co-creates and co-manages various social movements and talk series platforms in Singapore, including “Looking for Space” with one of JCI’s Top 10 Outstanding Young Persons of the World, and “Faces of SUTD”. He is also the Junior Board Member of Youth Professionals’ Group Singapore and a Human Book in the Human Library Movement.

Event Details:

Date: 22nd April 2017, Saturday

Place: 30 Orange Grove Road, RELC building, #07-01

Time: 2:00pm to 5:00pm.

Registration Fees: $20/pax (Light refreshments will be provided)

RSVP to http://tinyurl.com/SearchingMeaningLife or to Lulu at 81860985 for payment details and enquiries.

Slots are limited so RSVP today!

Sat Apr 22, 2017
2:00 PM - 5:00 PM SGT
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RELC Building, #07-01
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30 Orange Grove Road, RELC building, #07-01 Singapore
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