Grappling Seminar - by Jason Gregoriades


6-8pm Friday
6-8pm Saturday
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Hi Derrick,

Thanks for your patience in awaiting the breakdown of the seminar.

Though my style of grappling is best described as catch wrestling, which ordinarily incorporates a lot of leglocks, the aspects which I would like to focus on for the seminar are:

1.) The concept of space and weight
  • From an offensive viewpoint
    • How to maximise and exploit the use of one's weight in a top position
    • The understanding and exploiting of space from a top position
    • Practical body positioning and mechanics related thereto
    • The contrast and advantages of this style when compared to traditional bjj positioning

  • From a defensive viewpoint
    • Developing sensitivity to the distribution and placement of your partner's weight
    • Manipulating and exploiting the placement of your partner's weight to creating space and openings for escape
2.) Chained attack sequences from Mount and Side Mount
  • From Mount (session 1)
    • Specific offensive set up/opener
    • Straight armbar submission
    • Arm triangle submission
    • Transition to back mount

  • From Side Mount (session 2)
    • Specific offensive set up/opener
    • Triangle submission
    • Straight armbar submission
    • Keylock submission
The reason why I would like to focus on the space/weight concept is because it has a great benefit to any grappler, irrespective of their size, weight and ultimate style. I'd like to include an attack chain sequence because I know that students really enjoy specific instructional techniques. I'll structure the content in such a way that each session is independent, so whether students attend 1 or 2 sessions, they'll acquire something helpful.

Session overview:

Warm up
Drills and concept/technique specific moments

Concept demonstration and explanation
Concept practice and specific sparring

Technique demonstration (Chained attack sequence)
Technique practice and specific sparring

Free sparring

Cool down and stretch
May 19 - May 20, 2017
[ Fri ] - [ Sat ]
7:00 PM - 3:00 PM SGT
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