【リトアニア料理 in 西葛西】リトアニアの伝統的な方法でイースターのたまごを色付けしよう!



My name is Jurga, I am Lithuanian living in Tokyo. Me and my husband moved to Japan just this summer, where we'll be living for the next 3 years. A desire to travel encouraged us to seek for adventure and brought us far away from home - to Japan!

We love meeting new people and feel excellent in an international environment. Since I'm an enthusiastic cooker, I enjoy exploring different cultures' cuisines while travelling.

In my kitchen I use some ingredients that are brought from my home country since it's really difficult or even impossible to find them in Japan. The fragrant herbs were collected by myself at Lithuanian forests and meadows at this summer. Some herbs are grown here in my balcony.

My kitchen is not a fancy one but you can expect to find it in a sunny and cozy home-style. Dinner is served in a traditional way with Lithuanian linen tablecloths and brown clay pialas made by myself. If you wish to discover more about this unique small country, I would be more than happy to introduce an admiring photo album of unseen nature spots, show Lithuanian famous things: linen, amber and baltic jewellery, woven bands. 

I would love to invite you to our place and share some secrets of unique traditional Lithuanian cuisine! We can make it as a cooking class if you wish!

If you are not confident in English, don't worry - my cooking classes are ok with English beginners! I will help you and this would be a great chance to improve your English communication skills!


- これはどんな料理?

In this menu we will make traditional Lithuanian Easter dishes that I learned from my family. I will introduce you to ethnic traditions and tell you interesting stories about Lithuanian Easter celebration. We will have a special workshop of colouring eggs during which I will share with you the unseen and peculiar techniques. Everybody will be able to decorate amazing colourful eggs and take them home. Also we are going to play a short traditional game of breaking eggs! :) Below you can see all the dishes of the Easter menu:

1. Bruschetta with Lithuanian smoked salami and herbal tea


The traditional way to prepare meat is smoking and smoked meat products are the most popular in Lithuania. Salami and various kinds of sausages are very popular among Lithuanians. This amazing smell salami was produced in the small Lithuanian farm.

2.Workshop: Colouring Easter eggs in traditional technique


I am pretty confident that this will be the best part of this menu :) Easter is an important fest in Lithuania and almost every family holds on to tradition of colouring eggs. There are lots of different ways to do that! I am going to show you an ancient way which includes using onion skin for color, herbal ornaments and special techniques, that you would never guess of.

3. Making a mayonnaise


I will be honest, mayonnaise is Number One dressing for many Lithuanians :) Homemade mayonnaise has a better rich taste than any other kind bought from the grocceries. I'm going to show you how easily and quickly it could be done at home!

4. Herring under coat


This traditional dish contains layered marinated herring, boiled vegetables, beetroots and eggs. Some time ago "silkė pataluose" used to be very popular for the fests. Nowadays it could hardly been found in Lithuanian restaurants and unfortunately has been a little bit forgotten, because the preparation takes time. However, I think the original presentation of this herring looks extraordinary.

5. Stuffed eggs with sardines and Lithuanian cheese "Džiugas"


Since Easter traditions lead us to eating eggs, stuffed eggs is probably the most popular Easter dish. This time I will prepare eggs in two different ways: with smoked sardines and highest quality Lithuanian cheese "Džiugas" (brought from Lithuania).

6. "Voruta" vyšnių vynas


In Lithuania I used to make wine for couple of years from apples and different kinds of berries. I didn't make this wine, but I can share with you a story about how to make wine at home.

7. Muffins with apples and chocolate


This recipe is one of my mother's kitchen greatest hits! When she is baking them, even neighbours can smell the amazing fragrance of chocolate and apples combination.

8. Acorn coffee from Lithuania


Acorn coffee is brought from Lithuania. Me and my husband like it because of unique taste. This kind of coffee used to be popular long time ago - when my grandmothers were young :)

Note: there will be only one lesson of this menu! The lesson takes place at a minimum 3 guests attending.


ご予約お待ちしていますね♪ Jurgaさんと一緒にリトアニア料理を旅しよう!



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