Party with Mr. Gatsby in Seoul: The Only Rooftop

After having travelled all around world it is about time that I throw a little party in Seoul again. Therefore I invite you to my new rooftop residence in Seoul for a special party on Thursday the 13th of April. The next day is a public holiday...

I will quickly introduce myself: My name is Jay Gatsby, people know my name without knowing who I am. I will be in Seoul for a week in April. Therefore I want to arrange a little Rooftop Party in my new residence and you are invited.

Thursday the 13th of April we will go back to the twenties. Since then the city of Seoul has changed sharply, the buildings used to be higher, the parties were bigger, the morals were looser and the liquor was cheaper. Prepare yourself for a Rooftop Party like no other, and a crowd you have never seen before.

I would be honored to welcome you as my guest. Please dress in your finest attire. The view will be amazing and the music will never stop.

Your old sport,

Jay Gatsby
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Apr 13 - Apr 14, 2017
[ Thu ] - [ Fri ]
11:00 PM - 4:00 AM KST
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G -15 Sonnendeck
Pre - Sale Round 1 SOLD OUT $5.50
Pre - Sale Round 2 SOLD OUT $8.50
Pre - Sale Round 3 SOLD OUT $11.50
Pre - Sale Round 4 SOLD OUT $14.50
Venue Address
4F, 127-15 Itaewon-dong Seoul, South Korea South Korea (tickets in USD)
Party with Mr. Gatsby in Seoul