FuckupNightsKL Ep.5 - the 404 Edition


Last night an angel in the shape of Scar Jo came in my dreams, and among other things, she asked if there ever was a point where the universe exploded with tech startups (the real deals, the unicorns, the wannabes, the trolls… majority are the last 2 lar).

I looked straight into her eyes, put on my classic smirk, and said “When Apple came up with the “There’s an app for that” campaign.”

Yup, that was like the age of tech ideas, I told her.

An app to get a cab. Got.

An app to get a meal. Got.

An app to get a booty call. Got.

An app to get another app. Got.

And then Joker and Prof X came around and I can’t remember what they were doing in my dreams as I was distracted by visions of Pho on the streets of Saigon. #squatandeatyumsyums

Now where was I…?

But it's true, kan? Millions of hackathons later, billions of startup pitches later, gazillions of entrepreneur wannabes later, what happened to most of these tech startup ideas?

That’s why we decided to sucker punch this whole tech startup thing this month, and invite 3 guests from very different backgrounds to give us the real deal of what it’s like being in the tech startup space in Malaysia.


First up there’s Julian Ee, ex-CTO of GrabGas and the catalyst of one of the biggest tech-scene drama last year. It’s been a couple of months since he was sliced-and-diced like a bad guy in a good Wolverine movie, but we thought, surely those wounds don’t heal as fast, and let’s add some salt and pepper into the seasoning and see what goodness comes out. #sadistic Yes, we will be grilling Julian on the sequels and spinoffs from the aftermath of his story, his biggest lessons as he looked back, and things he will never, ever say Yes to again.

Next up is the living legend of CTOs, Arzumy MD, who for the past 12 years led super engineering teams across industries like Fitness, Fintech, e-Commerce, Digital media and Mobile comms. Yes, he’s the tech titan behind prominent startup successes like Fave, Billplz, SAYS.com and GroupsMore/Groupon. Being in tech startups and running techies, I’m pretty sure he has seen the in and outs, ups and downs of the horrors of Murphy’s Law, and who knows? With the right amount of shisha, he may spill the juiciest stories.

Last entry to the grill is Navin Danapal. Yeah, if you been to a few hackathons and tech events, you’ll bound to see him lurking something. Stalker? Hardly. This award-winning tech-evangelist has done it all - starting a startup, mentor other startups, organised Malaysia’s largest hackathon, partnered with the big guns - which pretty much means only two things: he has seen some epic shit, and probably, been in a couple too. As the veteran and senior-sifu of the panel, we’re so gonna squeeze out the wisdom, just so we don’t 404 ourselves!

So I’m gonna go back to my sleep now and see if I can get Black Widow back in that angel outfit, and while I can ask you to join me, I’d rather you sign up for the event. I don’t have to remind you seats are usually limited, but hey, what’s the fun of having a small event for three big tech icons, eh?

Ciao! Zzzzzz

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Thu Mar 30, 2017
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