SPOT on Facilitation Certification® in Japan


"A Facilitator is one who contributes structure and process to interactions so groups are able to function effectively and make high-quality decisions."

Global Facilitation Workshop

The SPOT on Facilitation certification program is a 3-day intensive workshop designed by certified master facilitators, and co-authors, Prabu Naidu and Janice Lau. For the third time this workshop is being brought to Tokyo in partnership with Knowledge Signs.

During this course you will learn everything you need to know about facilitation and provided with tons of opportunities to practice. Only in this course can you learn the FNS 4D Facilitation Model for designing and delivering facilitated interventions, the SPOT Framework of process facilitation, the 14 foundation processes for group process facilitation and so much more. Due to the hands-on approach of this course participation is limited to 18 learners guaranteeing that everyone receives the attention and feedback they deserve.

A unique feature of this course is the opportunity to practice facilitating discussions of a diverse, multicultural group, in English without leaving Tokyo.

For Whom

The ability to bring a group of people together and engage with them in meaningful conversations, where everyone feels they are welcome to contribute and truly feel heard, is a core skill businesses are looking for in their leaders. The ability to design, manage and facilitate these conversations with a culturally diverse group in English is even more desired.

This course will be life changing for everyone who wants to excel in the following areas:

  • Facilitating meetings, workshops, & trainings that engage all participants
  • Designing workshops, offsite meetings and trainings that set out a clear goal and achieve it
  • Teaching learners in an engaging and facilitative way encouraging self determination
Past participants have included: HRD & OD professionals, Country Managers, Project & Team Leaders, Teachers, People Development Practitioners and many others who work with groups and desired to learn how to enhance group engagement and learning effectiveness.

What You Will Learn

The SPOT on Facilitation® approach to facilitation is a unique method designed by Prabu Naidu and Janice Lua. The course has been designed to enhance learners skills in group facilitation with focus on mastering the core skills through practice.

Participants can expect to learn the following over the three day process:

  • The 4D Facilitation Model for the design and deliver of facilitated interventions
    • D1: Determine Requirement
    • D2: Design the Session
    • D3: Deliver & Debrief the Session
    • D4: Discover New Learning(by Facilitator)
  • SPOT Framework of process facilitation (Space, Process, Outcome, Time)
  • 14 Divergent & Convergent processes for group process facilitation
  • Process design & facilitation role-play in 6 of the 14 processes
  • Constructive feedback from peers and coaches
  • Best practice tips in using the flip chart and other process facilitation tools
  • Case study and role play facilitating a diverse group in English
    • Participants will include both Japanese and non-Japanese learners

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Workshop Flow

Day 1
  • Definition of facilitation and the 4D facilitation model
  • 4 key elements of process facilitation
  • Core practices of a facilitator
  • Flipchart and other creative visual aid best practices
  • Introduction to the basic process tools for facilitating discussions
Day 2
  • Practice the basic process tools
  • Impact of preferred personality style on facilitation
  • Determine clients’ requirements in a facilitated process
  • Practice 1: Group role play designing and facilitating a case study
Day 3
  • Discuss desired outcomes and the process tool best suited to achieve the goal
  • Tips on ask questions to surface client’s exact requirements
  • Practice 2: Original case design and group role play designing and facilitating a case study including determining the clients’ requirement


Prabu Naidu Co-Founder of Facilitators Network Singapore (FNS)


Prabu Naidu holds a Masters in Organizational Behaviour (Birkbeck College, UK) and gained
19 years of MNC experience (1980-1999) with Philips, AT&T and Compaq which spanned diverse functions in Engineering, Materials, Project Management, TQM, HRD, Managing Change and Supply Chain Re-Engineering – these set the foundation for his current thirteen years (2000-2012) of training, facilitation and consulting work in organizational development.

He has designed and delivered numerous OD interventions for MNCs, SMEs, Government departments & not-for-profit organizations in Singapore and regionally for MNEs & SMEs. He is an IAF Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF) and an INIFAC Certified Master Facilitator(CMF). He co-founded the Facilitators Network in 2004 to upscale the competencies of facilitators in Singapore and the region. His lectures at professional institutions are always well received by the students as all his lectures are very engaging and facilitative. He co-authored SPOT on Facilitation.

Janice Lua  Co-Founder of Facilitators Network Singapore (FNS)

Janice Lua has a MSc (UK) in Technology Management and a MBA (Australia) in Entrepreneurial Management with more than 10 years experience facilitating organisation-wide change management, business process re-engineering, team building, creativity & innovation & strategic planning. She has facilitated regionally on social issues using methods such as The World Café, Open Space Technology and Future Search processes. She is a Senior National Business Excellence Assessor, Certified Management Consultant, Qualified Strengths
Deployment Inventory® Facilitator, PMI certified Project Management Professional, IAF Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF), an INIFAC Certified Master Facilitator (CMF) and CMF Assessor, and licensed Dynamic Facilitation Instructor. She co-founded the Facilitators Network in 2004 to upscale the competencies of facilitators in Singapore and the region. She co-authored SPOT on Facilitation.

Jacob Erlich Co-Facilitator

Jacob is well respected as a dynamic facilitator, workshop designer and corporate trainer. He has been a trusted external partner to various organisations in creating efficiencies for global teams through designing and facilitating corporate off-sites, workshops, skill-based training and one-on-one coaching engagements.

Hideyuki Yoshioka Bilingual Co-facilitator


Hideyuki is running facilitation based business for over thirteen years in Japan. And He initiated collaboration with FNS since 2013.
He have handled over 500 opportunities of process facilitation in Japan, and also is expanding his career in global field.
This time he will help mainly Japanese participants to understand the contents of workshop and work together under the diverse situation.


Knowledge Signs Co Ltd
Axis Consulting CORPORATION

Testimonial from Past Joiners

“By far the most eye-opening and self-reflecting workshop I have even attended…worth every minute and cent spent!”

“The constructive feedback given by the facilitators and the rest have truly led me down a road of self awareness.”

“This course is not a spoon feeding course…it requires a lot of effort and attention but the reward is worthwhile.” play designing and facilitating a case study including determining the clients’ requirement.”

“I strongly recommend this course to anyone who wants to hone their facilitation competencies…I am now very confident to facilitate a group towards a business outcome.”

“Made many friends – the three days really bonds us as we have to work as a team and co-facilitate under compressed time and dynamic simulated situations.”

Testimonial interview of past attendees 1

Testimonial interview of past attendees 2

Jun 1 - Jun 3, 2017
[ Thu ] - [ Sat ]
9:00 AM - 6:00 PM JST
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Attending fee(2 seats are left) SOLD OUT ¥118,800
Venue Address
Level6 Kojimachi Crystal City bld. 4-8 Kojimachi Chiyoda-ku Tokyo 東京都千代田区麹町4-8 麹町クリスタルシティ6F Japan
You can take Tokyo Metro KOJIMACHI Station. A4 Exit is directly conneted to Crystal City bld.