Secrets of Great Presentation Design


This workshop is for beginners and non-designers who want to:

  • Learn the graphic design principles that are crucial for designing professional looking layouts

  • Understand the tricks and techniques that go into supporting the ability to tell more engaging, persuasive and memorable stories

  • Get comfortable with being able to design at speed for when there’s little time to improve an existing presentation or create a new one

About the Speaker

Barney Yau has 8 years of design experience and has worked on over 200 projects with startups, SMEs and multinational corporations.

He has also taught design to over 750 students at Google Campus London, The University of Oxford, The London School of Economics, Imperial College London, The University of Warwick and The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology for over 3 years, and has run private design sessions with startups, hackathons and incubator cohorts.

Course Description

Being able to make a good presentation is crucial whether you’re a startup pitching your idea to investors, a student presenting a group project, or just someone trying to communicate to clients or a manage

But the design of the presentation, i.e. how to design the slides and structure of your keynote to be more engaging, persuasive and memorable, and ultimately tell a story that people want to listen to, rarely gets much attention.

That’s why in this workshop, I’ll be covering...

• How to Structure a Presentation

Different situations call for different types of presentations. We’ll go through the structure you should adopt for the two most common types — information dense business presentations and creative story-led presentations

• How to Design Good Slides

Your ability to convince, engage and have people remember what you’re saying can be influenced by how well you design your slides. So in addition to teaching key graphic design principles, we’ll also talk about techniques which are particularly relevant for presentations such as the use of grids, transitions and animation.

• How To Design at Speed

If you are designing a presentation, chances are you have little time to put everything together. I’ll show you how you can design quickly and efficiently so even if you only have a few hours to improve an existing presentation or a couple of days to create a new one, you’ll still be able to manage!

All you need to bring is a laptop with Microsoft PowerPoint installed (Microsoft Office 2007 or later). No previous design experience required.

This event is organised by CoCoon

Wed Mar 22, 2017
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM HKT
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Venue Address
3/F, Citicorp Centre, 18 Whitfield Road Tin Hau Hong Kong Island Hong Kong Hong Kong