ゲストのGeorge Ishii氏は、今や世界で1億人以上が使うウォレットサービスPayPalに初期から参画しコアデザイナーの一人として活躍しました。その後、後にMicrosoftに買収される社内SNS Yammerを共同設立し、プロダクトロードマップの定義などのディレクションを行った他、インターフェースやページフローの設計などのプロダクトデザインを指揮しました。

今回、Open Network LabとOpen Network Lab/DGインキュベーションの投資担当でである庄子をパネラーとし、George氏にスタートアップが考えるべき世界基準のプロダクトデザインについてお話をいただきます。


The guest, George, is Co-founder of Yammer, the social networking company for enterprises which acquired by Microsoft in 2012, and ex-core designer of PayPal, the worldwide wallet service which is used by over 100M people. At Yammer, he defined product roadmap and designed its interface and page flow. At PayPal, he lead designing or first websites and their customer service application.

He will share his view and method of developing global standard service. Takahiro Shoji, Managing Director of DG Incubation / Open Network Lab will also be involved in for panel discussion.


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【Date】Fri, 14th April 17:00-19:00


【Fee】500 yen

【Organized by】Open Network Lab

 16:30- Reception opens

 17:00-17:15 Greetings / Intro

 17:15-17:40 Session 1

 17:40-18:05 Session 2  

 18:05-18:15 Q&A

 18:15-19:00 Networking Party


Speaker Profile


George Ishii/Product & UX Advisor

George is a Product & UX Advisor for startups, and Co-founder & Advisor at Comparably, compensation and culture data platform. Previously, he co-founefded several startups and lead their designers team, including Geni (Yammer) and BetterWorks. Before that, he worked as one of core designers at PayPal, where he generated first 3 versions of thier website, and lead the customer service application restructuring.

Takahiro Shoji / DG Incubation, Inc. Managing Director

Taka joined DG Incubation in April 2013 and focuses on US investments and localization. After joining Digital Garage in 2011, he was in charge of the Japan localization for companies such as Path and LinkedIn. In 2013 Taka moved to DGI, where he leads the Hands-On team to help domestic portfolio companies growth through data analysis support. In addition he is in charge of seed to mid-stage investments made in the US, India, and Asia.

Before joining DGI and Digital Garage, Taka led Baidu’s International Team as a Project Manager.

Taka graduated from the Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University.


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