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Calling all DIYers, crafties, art lovers and environmentalists out there – we’re bringing you a workshop where you can create and appreciate beautiful potted flowers made out of recycled materials! Our workshop leader, Agnes Pang, brings her unique and creative artistic style and showing us how to appreciate everyday objects through art.

Join us to create simple but beautiful artwork – we’ll create potted flowers from shells, corn husks, fruit nets, paper and straw, giving you a chance to create different kinds of flowers from different kinds of materials. All you need to do is bring an open mind and put your hands to work!

Agnes is an author, column writer, education consultant, TV host and tutor with a Fine Arts degree from the University of Hong Kong. She’s the founder of Art and Language Studio (www.draw-2.com) and has loved creating recycled art since she was a child. Her art programmes emphasize the creation of aesthetically beautiful art and craft works from everyday materials, and has been featured in the media, such as TVB kid’s programme Think Big Family. Her simple artwork reflects the simplicity and harmony of nature.

WE Club is proud to be co-hosting this event with our venue partner, playground.work, Hong Kong’s pioneer lifestyle co-working space that promotes the attitude of work-life balance. This event is also supported by Peking University Alumni Association of HK.

三月份我们娱乐 变废为宝!回收艺术DIY工作坊!

【我们娱乐】 每一天的香港都是崭新的,和来自不同文化的小伙伴一起尝试新鲜好玩的事物,追求趣味盎然的群体体验!


在这个倡导环保节能、回收利用的年代,有想过这些废弃材料其实还有剩余价值吗?也许有一天它们可以变成家里的艺术品提升生活的质感?我们的身边有一位回收艺术家,Agnes Pang,她是变废为宝的手作达人,经过她的神奇之手,废物摇身一变成为精美的室内艺术品,美到我们几乎都要忘记那些材料差点就沦落垃圾桶了。

3月25日,欢迎朋友们一起加入我们的回收艺术DIY工作坊,跟着Agnes一起制作美丽的室内艺术作品,所有的原材料都来自废弃物,准备好一颗开放的心,不需要高超的手工技能,任何人都可以带回家如图片中美丽芬芳的花朵,甚至漂亮的花盆! 更重要的是,通过这个工作坊,我们将学习如何在日常生活中挖掘并欣赏艺术的美,回归简单主义与自然主义。

Agnes是一位专栏作家,教育顾问,电视节目主持人和导师,获香港大学美术学学位。她是艺术和语言工作室(www.draw-2.com)的创始人。从孩子时代,她就喜欢捣腾回收艺术。她的艺术风格强调从日常材料中入手,创作美学和手工艺作品。这种审美和艺术理念也很适合儿童早期教育,她曾出现在TVB儿童节目Think Big Family分享回收艺术。

此次活动由我们俱乐部和致力于追求工作与生活完美平衡的生活化共享辦公空间 - playground.work联合主办,北京大学香港校友会协办宣传。

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Sat Mar 25, 2017
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM HKT
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