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If You Are Single And HAD ENOUGH Of "Just Being Friends" Then We Guarantee You Immediate Results After Workshop..

Here's what one of my client said:

"Through Max's teachings, my perceptions and mindset have improved dramatically in a matter of few days! I became more confident, more focused and knowing how to approach girls the right way in a short matter of time! Max is a dedicated, focused & enthusiastic teacher. Always caring, always sharing.

He is always there for his students!" - R, Singapore

Hi. I am Max. I am just like you.

I could not get ANY GIRLS to like me when I was young. Every single time, I try to date them or ask them out, I failed miserably.

The worse one replied my text with the following exact words "Do not text me any more!"

My heart shattered into a billion pieces.


All that made me came up with all sorts of reasons as to why they "dislike"me....

... that I don't have good hair

... that I wasn't good-looking because I had eczema (a skin condition)

... that I wasn't good with words

Have you thought that about yourself before?

To make matters worse, I am a SUPREME introvert. I don't talk to people ever... I knew this is going to be a huge problem if I continued this way...

And as I grew older, I knew this had to stop...

I knew I had to change my life.

Are you going to change YOURS this year?

The NEED TO CHANGE was very real to me at that point of my life, I literally did everything I can to turn things around.

And I did.

The day my heart broke into a billion pieces... I put myself through all sorts of stress and pressure to master all the nuances about dating beautiful women.

Since then, I have dated multiple beautiful women from different countries and cultures up till 2012.

And since 2012, I have been in a beautiful relationship up till now.

The Me In 2000s: Someone whom no girls fancy and is un-date-able.

The Me In 2012: Someone whom have dated multiple beautiful women from different countries...

From someone whom has lost many hearts, to someone whom has WON MANY HEARTS...

I have truly discovered that there are practical "unspoken secrets" that few knew of.

And it is proven to work if you follow the process (read on to find out)...


  • Be helpless anymore when it comes to girls, not knowing how to attract, talk or get them to a date

  • Have no choices amongst women (You can't choose the girls you want to date)

  • Lay in bed every night thinking of that special girl but cannot hold her hands nor date her out

  • Feel sad and think if you are going to spend the rest of your life single and lonely....

  • Envious of guys having beautiful girlfriends that you don't

Let me show you how you can turn things around and get yourself a date before Valentine's Day itself.

I would like to invite you to "Valentine's Intensive" - a 3 hour jumpstart workshop to get you a date EVEN BEFORE Valentine's Day 2017..

Here's My Promise To You:

In the 3 hours you will spend with myself personally, you will learn:

  • The Proven Unspoken Secret To Dating Attractive Women - How Other Plain-Looking Guys Are Dating Them Left, Right, Center And How You Can Do The Same

  • Practical Strategies You Can Use IMMEDIATELY After the Class To Get A Date

  • How To Be In Any Scenario Or Situation And Gain The Attention & Likeability Of Any Beautiful Woman You CHOOSE

  • How You Can Be Plain-Looking And Yet, Still Be The Desired Of Beautiful Women

  • How To Avoid The Number 1 Mistake That Will Kill Off Attraction Instantly

  • How To Always Have Things To Talk About With Her That Will Help You Gain Likeability & Trust From Her, Even If You Think You Are Bad At Conversation

  • The Time-Tested Proven Way Of Gaining Trust With Beautiful Women

  • How To Get Her To Chase You (And Wanting More Of You)

You will also be getting a private Q&A session with me to ask your most burning questions regarding dating & relationship. This itself is worth far more than anything because it addresses your specific challenges in dating beautiful women.

My goal is to help you to get a date even before Valentine's Day so that you have a shot at securing a date on Valentine's Day itself.

Imagine this.. you have someone sitting in front of you while you ask your burning questions about dating, what can that do for your dating life?

Imagine being able to finally know what it requires to make that pretty colleague of yours tick and get her out for a date..

Imagine being able to know how to speak and generate attraction of the cuff if you see someone pretty and you like to know on the streets.

Imagine to finally be able to have the freedom to choose and decide which girl you would like to date, instead of having no choice and no girls.

And that is why you need to get yourself a seat at this event..

Because Valentine's Day only happen ONCE a year.

This is your ONE TIME to make a change.

Help yourself let go of the pain and envy of watching other pretty girls with other guys, and come for this event. The investment for this event is going to be affordable for you.

The investment for this 3 hour event is ONLY SGD 97. And if you get yourself a ticket during Early Bird. It is going to be even better for you. Early Bird ticket per person is at SGD 47 only.

When the Early Bird ends, price is strictly going back to SGD 97. No exceptions allowed. Even if it's SGD 97, it's a steal.

FAQ (something good for you to be aware of)

1. What can I expect after attending this workshop?

You will understand how attraction works and be able to generate that to any girl you like.

Whether if it's your colleague, a friend or even someone you saw on the street.

2. Are there post-workshop support?

Yes. You will be given a way to reach out to me during the workshop itself so that you will continue to have someone supporting you.

3. Can I really change my dating life in 3 hours?

If you are looking for a magic pill to help you become that instant-superman-in-dating, then you are looking for the wrong thing. In fact, any one who promises you a magic pill is a fake, run away quick.

As with any craft, you want to get good at this. You have to work at it. And if you desire the improvement enough, you will definitely work at it.

The 3 hours will give you a headstart above others by understanding what is needed to gain the affection of beautiful women.

And as you practice more with the newfound knowledge, you will definitely start to see yourself being surrounded by more and more beautiful women. One of my students even managed to get a date on the workshop day itself.

4. Will the content of this workshop work for me?

So far, I have not met anyone in which the content will not work. And my dedication towards my students are UNMATCHED, look at the testimonial above. I want you to succeed when you come for my workshop. Come and experience the workshop for yourself.

Afterall, it is only SGD 47, less than the bill of a couple dining in a restaurant.

5. Will my identity be kept private?

Yes, your identity will be protected. Even when you review and leave us a testimonial, we will keep your identity anonymous.

That's it.

Your first step towards beautiful girls is here. Register now before Early Bird ends.

P.S. If you are sick and tired of being lonely and envious of guys with beautiful girls.. Then this workshop (Early Bird at SGD47) is for you.

Reserve your ticket to the PRACTICAL SECRETS to dating beautiful women today.

Sat Mar 18, 2017
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