Do we need to Suffer to Succeed? Circle of Validation


If you grew up in a modern Asian metropolis, you would understand one important thing – We are often told that we are not good enough until we achieve something, and sometimes, when we achieve that “something”, we are still told we are not good enough. We tend to get compared with other people and as a result, many of us develop low self-esteem and also incur lots of unnecessary stress in order to impress others and be validated as “worthy”.

This ends up in a never ending cycle of stressing ourselves out to in order to impress and please others and the idea that we are never good enough. We end up becoming human doings instead of human beings. We discredit ourselves too much for things we secretly desire, such as a good relationship, abundance of money, etc. We end up believing that we are not worthy until we suffer.

That’s why, the presence of Validation Circle is important to help remind ourselves of how amazing we truly are. Validation circle is a cosy gatherings of individuals where we:

- Have a chance to tell our stories, be heard, and be validated and celebrated for what we have been through.

- Through the praises and validation given by fellow participants, we can learn how to set mini goals to help us take our strengths to the next level, be it at our jobs or relationships.

Wed Mar 15, 2017
7:30 PM - 10:30 PM SGT
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The Reading Room. 19, Bukit Pasoh Road. Singapore
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The Reading Room. 19, Bukit Pasoh Road, Singapore. Singapore
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