DevCon #4

Greetings Folks, we proudly present to you our 4th DevCon!. As usual we have 3 qualified speakers who will bring up interesting topics. and we will have another MVP from MSFT this time and some other new Speaker

Lap Around Web Debugging Proxy by Walter Wong MVP Gain Secure

Monitoring and logging enterprise application server communication is not an easy task. Web debugging proxy always the choice to solve the issue. Come and join this session as Walter going to show you how to Setup, Configure and minimum scripting to have the enterprise grade web debugging proxy with supports of Microsoft Azure integration.

Working with Azure WebJobs Daniel Foo Sitecore

Discover what Azure WebJobs is and when you should use it. Daniel will show you how to get your Hello World into Azure until working with Azure Queue using WebJobs. Daniel will share with you some of the practical concerns when working with WebJobs.

CQRS and Event Sourcing pattern Arun Kumar S. Herbalife Malaysia

CQRS (Command & Query Responsibility Segregation) and Event Sourcing pattern enables us to meet a wide range of architectural challenges, such as achieving scalability, managing complexity, and managing changing business rules in some portions of our system. CQRS pattern uses Domain Driven Design, which helps in creating a better domain driven systems. Decomposing the domain is the key factor while applying CQRS and Event Sourcing to our applications.
"Command Query Separation" is the principle that an object's methods should be either commands or queries. A query returns data and does not alter the state of the object; a command changes the state of an object but does not return any data. The benefit is that you have a better understanding what does, and what does not, change the state in your system.
We will talk about why we have chosen CQRS pattern for one of our projects and what is the benefit that we are getting out of this pattern.
Tue Mar 7, 2017
7:30 PM - 9:30 PM MYT
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