Big Island Opera Fundraser for Fukushima Kids Hawaii

March 11 is coming again.

On the next day of the 6th anniversary of East Japan Great Earthquake, Tsunami and Nuclear Power Disaster, Big Island Opera with Harmony On Tap are performing to help Fukushima children who are affected by a long exposure to radiation, and gather and pray for all the people affected by this incident.

Opening music: Flute Solo by Yumi Kikuchi
co-founder of Fukushima Kids Hawaii

Bit Island Opera Performance by:
Kau'ilani (Soprano)
Lisa Taylor (Alto)
Marius Stranger (Tenor)
Annu (Piano)

Harmony on Tap, a women's chorus group based in Hilo who loves to sing for a "great cause".

All the proceed of this event will go to support Fukushima Kids Hawaii's 2017 Summer program

About Fukushima Kids Hawaii (FKH):
Hawaii Web TV did a short program on Fukushima Kids Hawaii here.

We invited children from Fukushima to Kona, Hawaii for children's learning and healing offering a respite from radiation.

Since its 1st operation in 2016, FKH run two projects:
1 Fukushima Kids Hawaii House; where we host babies with mothers for up to 3 months
2 Fukushima Kids Hawaii Project; Fukushima children are invited to Kona for a summer/witner school learning permaculture, farm-to-table practice, natural medicine, NVC, Connection Practice

FKH will be hosting 100th child this summer.

Sun Mar 12, 2017
3:00 PM - 6:00 PM HST
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East Hawaii Cultural Center, Hilo, HI
Advance ticket SOLD OUT $15.00
Donation SOLD OUT $100.00
Sponsor one child's flight SOLD OUT $1,000.00
Sponsor one child for a month SOLD OUT $3,000.00
Venue Address
141 Kalakaua St, Hilo, HI 96720 United States
Fukushima Kids Hawaii

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