The Magic of Emotions Business Meet

Can you win a game of chess without knowing the rules of the game ?

Can you win over your customer without really knowing what triggers his/ her buying decisions ?

Most businesses and individuals operate on the assumption that buying decisions are rationality driven. This is a dangerous assumption and can lead to failed marketing efforts because it ignores the fact that the customers are humans first..

Humans who are essentially driven by Emotions..Humans whose evolutionary influences of 1000's of years have shaped their Limbic
System (emotional brain).

"The Magic of Emotions" is a business networking meet that will help you understand how you can employ emotions in your VC pitches, client meetings, presentations and business conversations.

Key Inclusions:
- Emotions, NeuroScience and Marketing
- 3 P's
- Rationality vs Emotions
- High Five
- Real Life Business Examples

This event is organised by The Magic of Emotions Meet
Sun Mar 5, 2017
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM HKT
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Garage Society QRC
Venue Address
19th floor, 299 Queen's Road Central, Hong Kong Hong Kong