Let’s Meet the See Gypsies and Swim with the Stingless Jelly Fish - 7D/6N Trip


Everyone would love to visit Maldives and soak into the white sand beaches and turquoise crystal clear warm ocean water, I am no exception. But I have found an amazing alternative that offers similar ambience with just a fraction of the cost; and not as touristic and crowded as the Maldives – the Togean Islands @ Indonesia.

Togean Islands

People who have been there would describe Togean Islands as “a hard to reach place and very hard to leave place”. It takes much time and effort to get there, but it’s worth every bit of it.

Night Sea at Togean Islands

Sunset over Kadidiri, Credits to NeilsPhotography@Flickr

The dark green of the islands, the clean and undisturbed beaches and crystal clear calm water that full of marine life - is a perfect setting and many stay longer than expected. Enjoying lazy day of sunbathing, beachcombing, diving and snorkelling, exploring the dense jungle - the allure simple lifestyle.

Togean islands have a few unique attractive offers that are very irresistible:

Kadidiri Island - the most popular island with beautiful and white sand beaches, offers perfect snorkeling and diving locations. About 16 km to the northeast of the island, stored evidence the history of World War II. There is wreckage of B 24 bombers that is still intact. Lots of fish and coral reefs grow in this plane wreckage.

Beach by Kadidiri resort

Coral Reefs at Atolls

Karina Beach - A huge white sand beach with lot of coral reefs to explore and palm treats to try getting coconuts from.

The beautiful underwater world in Togean Islands

Mariona Lake – Also known as Jelly Fish Lake. One of the only four places in the world where you can swim with salt water stingless jelly fish. It inhabited by dozens of jelly fish – pink, blue and ghostly white. All of them are not poisonous and won’t sting you!

Stingless Jelly Fish

Bajo people – Known as the Sea Gypsies, they are the indigenous people who lives semi nomadic at Kadidiri. They were originally wanderers and are citizen-less, living on their boats all year round and developing special fishing techniques. They are well known for their amazing ability to swim deep and hold long breath in water without equipment that still baffle modern scientists.

Sea Gypsies houses at Palau Papan

Pulau Papan - one of the many Bajo villages of the Togean Islands. The iconic 1-kilometer long wooden bridge connecting Malenge and Pulau Papan, which school children take every morning to go to school - is a place you must not miss.

Pulau Papan

Malenge kids

Una Una Volcano - Based on a separate islet the volcano is still active and the last eruption happened just 34 years ago in 1983. The nearby villages have been evacuated and a few people have returned back by now.

Una Una island

Volcanic activity on Una Una Island. Credits to Axel R.D@Flicker

Taipi Island - pretty much perfect Robinson Crusoe-type experience. This is a paradise for diving lovers. The island has a view of the underwater world that is very beautiful.

This is a 7D/6N trip to explore the beautiful places in Togean Islands. There will be one free & easy day for us to decide where to go and what to explore amidst so many choices offer by Togean Islands.

As August is within the peak season, hence I have to make early confirmation with payment to the operator to avoid disappointment.

Itinerary from 4 to 10 August 2017

(The local operators will do their best to adhere to the route described below but certain amount of flexibility is necessary to build into the trip as on occasions it may be desirable or necessary to make alterations or changes to the intended itinerary)

Day 1, 5th August, Sat nite - SG for Ampana

Day 2, 6th August, Sun – Ampana - Togean

  • Pick up from Ampana Airport to Ampana Ferry

  • Arrived Wakai (Togean Island)

  • Proceed to Kadidiri and check in to Kadidiri Paradise

Meal provided: Dinner

Day 3, 7th August, Mon

Malenge Trip

  • Pulau papan: meet the Bajo (Sea Gypsies)
  • Hotel California: snorkelling in Atoll reef
  • Swim at Mariano lake with the salt water stingless jelly fish
  • Snorkeling in Karina beach
  • See sunset at Taipi

Meal provided: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Day 4, 8th August, Tue

Una Una Trip

  • Early breakfast
  • Trekking in Una Una to see the volcano.
  • Those who do not want to trek, can snorkelling at the beach.

Meal provided: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Day 5, 9th August, Wed

Free & easy to explore Togean

Meal provided: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Day 6, 10th August, Thurs


  • Rest and Relax time or go to barracuda beach, small trekking 20mins by the jungle behind Kkadidiri.
  • Go to Wakai to catch ferry to Gorontalo

Meal provided: Breakfast, Lunch

Day 7, 11 August, Fri

  • Arrive Gorontalo, head to Gorontalo Airport
  • Home Sweet Home SG

Flights detail will be provided for confirmed participants. Total estimated fare should be around $480, depending on the time of booking and currency exchange.

Things to bring

1) Head Lamp

2) Outdoor Attire (long pant recommended)

3) Shoes recommended Kampong Adidas, Trekking Shoe for trekking. NO Slipper

4) Clothes for changing

5) Gloves

6) Insect Repellent

7) Slippers for leisure walk

8) Swim Wear


1) Airport transfer to Ampana Hotel

2) Ferries between Ampana to Kadidiri

3) Boat transport and guide for Malenge Trip and Una Una Trip

4) 4 nights’ accommodation, and 1 overnight ferry from Wakai to Gorontalo

5) Land transfer from Gorontalo Ferry Terminal to Gorontalo Airport

6) Meals as per indicated in itinerary


1) Air tickets & Visa

2) Meals not mentioned in itinerary

3) Snorkelling / diving equipment rental

4) Activities for Free and Easy Days

5) Travel insurance

6) Personal expenses

7) Laundry

8) Any items that is not covered in the Includes List

For package cost and RSVP, pls click here: https://goo.gl/289rCk

Georgina Chin: HP: 96226838, Email: chin.georgina8@gmail.com

Important Note:

Please read through the following terms of participation before RSVP:


DISCLAIMER: Your safety and well-being during the trip are your sole responsibility. By RSVP for this event, you have confirmed that you have read, acknowledged, agreed and accepted the terms and conditions of participating this trip.


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