Can AI Replace Creativity?

Creativity has been an attribute that we humans have enjoyed exclusively, and is what makes us proud to be ‘only human’. The emotional expressions, our vulnerability, passion and empathy that we then are able to put into a canvas, a song or a book.

The advancement of tech brings about Artificial Intelligence, which in addition to all the benefits it could bring, also attacks this sacred element of what it means to be humans. After all, aren’t robots supposed to be perfect? This elicits profound discussions on societal implications and is bound to make us ask some deep questions, such as: Can AI be creative?

Come and join us for the next AI Society Event and join the discussion!

Agenda includes:
  • Examples of AI being used to replace creativity
  • Key elements of a creative Robot
  • Panel discussion "Origin and End of creativity"
    • Defining creativity
    • Can computers be creative
    • Future outlook
Who should attend? Anyone interested in the concept of AI and their implications

** Technical level: None **

Gerardo Salandra

CEO and Founder at Rocketbots.io

Gerardo Salandra, former Head of Growth Marketing at NDN Group, specializes in Marketing Technology and Business Automation. With previous experience in IBM, Google and several fast-growing startups, he has accumulated profound expertise in digital marketing.

Eric Thain

Managing Director North Asia, Optimate

Eric Thain is currently the Managing Director, North Asia for Optimate, an Artificial Intelligence platform that curates data in marketing with cognitive computing systems. With 17+ years of Brand Business Management, Tech & Leadership experience across APAC (including China), he has worked with a range of exciting and developing businesses by teaming with entrepreneurial fund and government initiatives across region in both start-up & growth organizations. Prior to Optimate, he held senior positions in Red Bull & Weber Shandwick across the region. He regularly shares his thoughts at marketing conferences such as ad:Tech across Asia.

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Tue Feb 21, 2017
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM HKT
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