Film festival USNC for UN Women Utah chapter

We are thrilled to announce the first USNC for UN Women Utah Chapter Festival fundraiser. This festival is dedicated to women's issues and social justice issues around the world. Thank you to our first sponsor: LAH Consulting www.lahconsultingllc.com

Parking is available at UofU stadium!

The festival will begin on April 6, 2017 with five short student films produced through the "Through the Lens" program at the University of Utah, Department of Humanities. The five films are:

1. Diego’s Dream. Diego's Dream aired at Sundance in the short film category and has been viewed at the White House.
2. If This Is Heaven, Give Me Hell, this film was shown at the White House.
3. Dark Side of the Lake
4. Family in Crisis
5. Michael’s World

After the viewing a panel discussion with the filmmakers about the social justice issues that they highlighted will occur.

On April 7, 2017 we will present the United Nations Film "Frame by Frame." This film highlights photojournalism and women's issues in Afghanistan. A panel discussion will occur after this film.

On April 8, 2017, our final feature will be a film generously donated by the Utah Film Center. "A Revolution in Four Seasons" is a seminal film which tells the story of two women with opposing political views fighting for their different version of a democratic future for Tunisia, the country that started the Arab Spring. This timely and insightful documentary traces the work of two public female figures and the obstacles they face as outspoken women dealing with Islamic extremism. A panel discussion will follow the film.

Please invite your friends, and families. We hope to see you there!

Prices are the same at the door (cash or Square), if you do not want to pay via ticket site.

If you would like to join the chapter, we will be very grateful as well. Go to: https://www.unwomen-usnc.org and then click on Join/Renew, fill required info, pay either $50 minimum or more or $15 as a student or sign up for monthly donations. The most important -- at the end do not forget to choose Utah Chapter as your chapter!

If you would like to just donate, go to: https://loveutgiveut.razoo.com/story/Ll71tf

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Apr 6 - Apr 8, 2017
[ Thu ] - [ Sat ]
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM MDT
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University of Utah, Bldg. 73, Room 110 332 S. 1400 E., SLC.
General admission Th one day ticket SOLD OUT $20.00
Saturday one day ticket FULL
Student with ID Th SOLD OUT $10.00
General admission Friday SOLD OUT $15.00
General admission 3 day pass SOLD OUT $25.00
Venue Address
University of Utah Old Law School, Bldg. 72. Hinckley Caucus Room: 332 S. 1400 E., SLC United States
USNC for UN Women Utah chapter