Yoga - Hands on Assists (Assist and Empower)


Empower your yoga practice and your teaching by discovering how to assist over fifty yoga postures.

As a teacher, you will learn how to confidently assist students and empower them to experience their own greatness in each pose. Hands-on assists offers you a profound way to communicate with your students on the mat. Skillful adjustments keep your students safe and offer them deeper insights into the form and essence of the practice while sharing something about our innate potential for healing, health and happiness.

Your hands already have the power to support, the hands-on assists yoga workshop will give you the confidence to do so!

You! This program is great for students and teachers of all levels. Teachers will gain confidence in supporting their students through hands on assists. Students explore the possibilities of yoga poses from the power of hands on assists and an understanding of alignment.

This 2-day training qualifies for CEUs for Teaching Methodology for the Yoga Alliance. You will practice and receive hands on assists for the postures in the Baptiste Yoga Journey Into Power sequence. Hands on assists are often referred to as hands-on adjustments. We prefer to use the term “assists” as our intention is not to fix ourselves or our students, and rather to empower them to be in their greatness. There is really never anything to fix in a pose, only the possibility of experiencing something new and great.

The training will consist of:
Daily Yoga Practice: Led by Dr. Trish Corley and supported by a powerful team of highly qualified yoga teachers.

Hands-on Assists: Step by step guidance through various postures with an opportunity to both practice and receive the hands-on assists. This practice will include providing the assists during a live class. One half of the students in the training will assist while the other half provides assists; and vice versa. All assists will serve the purpose to bring your students into a new direction, to provide them with greater stability, or to empower them to deepen the pose.

Support: Feedback and guidance from the lead trainer (Dr. Trish Corley) and her assisting team to ensure your growth as a student and teacher.

Connection: Gain the tools to connect with students in ways that will cause them to want to learn more from you and keep coming back to your classes.

Empowerment: Expand the tools you have to inspire yourself and your students to see what is possible in each yoga pose. Gain an understanding of the intention of hands-on assists and what it means to be of service.

Alignment: Gain an understanding of the alignment and form of over fifty yoga poses. An understanding of alignment will give you access to greater hands-on assists.

27-28 May 2017
7:30 am to 6:30 pm each day

Yoga In Common: 10 Petain Road, Singapore
This beautiful studio is equipped with Manduka mats, blocks, bolsters, and straps. Showers are available.

The power of human touch, when provided with compassion and understanding, is powerful and causes possibilities that may not otherwise exist in a yoga pose. This training promises to give you the tools to gain confidence in putting your hands on your students and receiving hands on assists so that you may take your teaching and your practice to a new level.

Early Bird: $395 (by 5 April)
Regular: $445

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May 27 - May 28, 2017
[ Sat ] - [ Sun ]
7:30 AM - 6:30 PM SGT
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10 Petain Road
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