Yoga Anatomy Immersion - Anatomy Connections


This training is led by Dr. Trish Corley who specializes in making anatomy fun and easy to learn and apply to yoga!

Gain a clear understanding of yoga anatomy and put it into action on the yoga mat. The Anatomy Connections training consists of interactive lectures with anatomical models and illustrations and is integrated with full asana practices to practically apply the knowledge of human anatomy to your own practice and/or your teaching.

Prerequisites: A desire to understand your body and an interest in yoga. You are ready now!

You! If you are interested in yoga and have a desire to understand your body (and that of your students if you are a teacher), you are ready for this training now. This program is great for students of all levels. Students will better understand what happens to their own body as they move through common poses and teachers will improve their ability to observe their students’ alignment and make safe, accurate, and appropriate modifications.

This 2-day training qualifies for CEUs for Anatomy and Physiology for the Yoga Alliance. You will receive an illustrated manual and a certificate upon full participation. Dr. Trish Corley combines her knowledge of functional anatomy (from thirteen years as a physiotherapist and five years as a professor of functional anatomy) and her passion of True North Alignment (the alignment principles of Baptiste Yoga) to provide students with practical and fun tools to apply anatomy to their yoga practice and teaching.

Align with Basic Terminology: Understand the structures and movement of the major joints in your body; how muscles support your asana practice; and how your body is connected.

What Does It Mean to “Tuck Your Tailbone”?: Explore the functional anatomy of your pelvis and your spine as it relates to asana and bring freedom into your practice as you discover how your tailbone moves.

Explore Your Core and Love Your Spine: Understand the structures of your spine including your neck. Practice techniques to minimize pain and injury in your back and to heal from the inside out.

Fire from Your Bandhas and Your Breath: Access the key structures to obtain (and maintain) bandhas (the energy locks) in your practice and be inspired by the anatomy of your breath.

Your Feet Are Your Foundation: Explore the anatomy of your legs from your hips to your feet. Reveal a new relationship between your feet and the Earth to bring freedom and power into your practice.

The Rhythm of the Shoulder (and Elbows, Wrists, and Hands): Discover what happens when you “wrap” and “slide” your shoulder blades. Align your shoulders to find ease in both standing postures and inversions (i.e. downward facing dog, crow).

Integration: Although we study each body part separately, the body works as a whole. Anatomy Connections offers the opportunity to integrate the anatomy of your body through practical exercises, yoga asana, and Q&A.

20-21 May 2017
7:30 am to 6:30 pm each day

Yoga In Common: 10 Petain Road, Singapore
This beautiful studio is equipped with Manduka mats, blocks, bolsters, and straps. Shower is available.


Your human body is a miracle. By powerfully aligning your physical body throughout your yoga practice you create new possibilities on your mat. Improved posture and balance, more open hips and shoulders, a stronger core, and deeper breathing are just some of the physical benefits of True North Alignment.

Highlights of the training include: Movement of Key Joints; Key Muscles of Yoga; Functional Alignment; Yoga for A Healthy Spine; Anatomy of Breath and Bandhas; and Injury Prevention.

Early Bird: $395 (by 5 April)
Regular: $445

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May 20 - May 21, 2017
[ Sat ] - [ Sun ]
7:30 AM - 6:30 PM SGT
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