Defensive Driving Training Course #1


Defensive Skill Training.Com Sdn Bhd sees this program as an important aspect for the drivers of companies where vehicles are constantly being improved with the latest in active and passive safety standards.

By participating in this Defensive Driving Course, the Drivers will learn how to manage and practice visibility, time and space to achieve efficient driving performance. However, the programme is not meant to turn motorists into racing drivers but to enable them to learn more than just how to use a car and be aware of his or her responsibility on the road.

Participants are required to go through a list of manoeuvres, braking exercises, understeer and oversteer correction.

The participants can enhance their driving strengths by being more perceptive of critical driving situations and respond appropriately and safely. The programme is meant to enable them to learn more than just how to use a car and be aware of his or her responsibility on the road.


Gain an awareness of the impact of speed on your reaction and stopping distances.

Understand maintaining safe distances between yourself and other drivers.

Identify the "cause" & "responsibility" of crashes and how to avoid them.

Learn about basic vehicle maintenance to ensure your vehicle is always safe.

Learn about the importance of having the correct seating position and its influence on comfort, safety, control, concentration and reducing fatigue.

Develop an awareness of how both driver & vehicle react in emergency situations.

Discuss optimum methods to deal with various intersection scenarios.

Become more responsible for your attitude towards dealing with our roads safely.

Each participant receives a certificate at the completion of the day along with the important life skills of how to stay safe on our roads.

Most importantly, participants in the Defensive Skill Training.Com course will learn about the simple attitude changes which will make everyone a safer driver in any conditions.

Sun Mar 5, 2017
8:30 AM - 5:30 PM MYT
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Petaling Jaya
Defensive Driving Course (Cars) SOLD OUT RM350.00
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8 Avenue Business Centre, Petaling Jaya Malaysia
Defensive Driving Training Course