Find Your True Nature – 200 Hr Yoga Teachers Training Free Preview


Have you ever wondered about the essence of your true nature? Have you questioned the real purpose of your existence? Did you ask what truly makes you happy? Did you suspect that your purpose has much more to do with just career success and financial wealth?

How would it feel like if you wake up every day knowing clearly what your life purpose is, deeply connected to your inner spirit guide, unstoppable in transforming lives, and just feeling awesome that you are totally equipped to do so?

This 200 Hr Yoga Teachers Training Course is your opportunity to become that. In this training, you will gain breakthroughs on all levels of body, mind, and spirit. You will overcome physical limitations and understand that your body is really a work in process and that you can alter the state with Yoga and diet. You will gain mental clarity and deep insights into what caused you to behave the way you do, and have the power to take new actions, and have the power to create a new set of results in any area of your life. And most valuable of all, you will gain a profound connection with your inner guide, and experience a new level of self-love.

If all this resonates will you, join us for a preview where the training facilitators will be present to talk about what is this training about and what you could expect from it. It’ll be the opportunity for you to ask all the questions you have about the training.

The preview will be on 13th of February at 7:30 till 8:30 pm

Venue: 640 Rowell Road (the teachers training will take place at the same venue)

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About the Facilitators:

Linda Loo Linda is a 500 Hour certified Yoga instructor, Kundalini Meditation Teacher and certified Living Foods Teacher. She has more than 1,000 Hours of certification in Yoga over the last 7 years. Since 2010, Linda has led Hatha Yoga and Integral Yoga classes, 200 hour and 300 hour Yoga Teachers Training Certification (Yoga Alliance International India) in Singapore. She is a true innovator and designs original Yoga curriculum while preserving the authenticity of ancient teachings to provide transformative experiences for every one of her students.

Irina Baltag Irina is a 200 Hour certified Integral Yoga Teacher who has touched the lives of hundreds since she began teaching in 2016. She has been practicing Yoga since 2011 and experienced a profound transformation of her life in the areas of health and stress management. Irina found a complete practice in Integral Yoga where she had a breakthrough in physical inversions, self-confidence, and peace of mind. Since her graduation from 200 Hour TTC in June 2016, she has been teaching and deriving fulfillment from imparting to her students the gift of self-love, care, and a deeper mind-body connection.

Curriculum of 200 Hr Yoga Teachers Training Course:

- Classical History & Philosophy of Yoga Traditions

- Chakras and Prana Bodies

- Systematic approach to Kundalini Activation

- Modern forms of Yoga, and the advantages of Integrative Yoga

- Physical & Subtle Anatomy

- Asana Alignment & Modifications

- Intelligent Sequencing

- Integral Transformation Yoga Application

- The Art of Teaching Integral Transformation Yoga

- Pranayama, Mantra & Meditation

- Voice and Vocal Training

- Safe & Effective Hands-On Facilitation

- Yogic Lifestyle and Raw Vegan Diet

- The Business of Yoga and how to Market Yourself

Pre-requesits to join 200 Hr Yoga Teachers Training Course:

- At least 6 months consistent Yoga practice (min 2 times per week)

- No prior teaching experience is necessary

- Passing of Written Examination and Practical Assessments

- Fulfilment of all Practicum and Classroom as well as self-study hours

- A deep passion to study Yoga

- Commitment to fulfilling all self-study home assignments - practical and written

- A willingness to work through issues that may surface

- Financial stability to a reasonable degree

- Emotional and mental balance

- Ready to share and teach yoga to people and be part of planetary transformation

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Mon Feb 13, 2017
7:30 PM - 9:00 PM SGT
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