Jewels of Architecture: An Interdisciplinary Collaboration

The collaboration between artist and artisan in the execution of objects of pragmatism (for instance, buildings) or desire (for instance, jewellery) is as old as time itself. Yet the 21st century has spawned unprecedented collaborations that have blurred the boundaries between design professions, and encouraged a heightened opportunity for the cross fertilization of ideas in the advancement of the object. The designer’s willingness to step outside of their natural comfort zone of their discipline to explore different sectors can largely be attributed to an increasingly heterogeneous education system and the heightened awareness of the positive attributes of shared and borrowed knowledge. This lecture explores the interdisciplinary collaboration between Jason Pomeroy, an award-winning British architect, academic and TV personality and Simone Ng, a celebrated Malaysian-born jewelry designer on their collaboration.
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Jason Pomeroy
Prof. Jason Pomeroy is an award-winning architect, academic, author and TV personality at the forefront of the sustainable built environment agenda. He graduated with Bachelor and Post-Graduate degrees with distinction from the Canterbury School of Architecture; received his Masters degree from Cambridge University, and his PhD from the University of Westminster. He is the Founding Principal of Evidence - Based Interdisciplinary Sustainable Design firm Pomeroy Studio; and sustainable education provider, Pomeroy Academy.

Jason also promotes the role architecture plays in society through his award winning television series - ‘City Redesign’ (Singapore), ‘City Time Traveller’ and 'Smart Cities 2.0'. He continues to be a distinguished speaker at global conferences and events including TEDx and the World Architecture Festival.

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Thu Mar 9, 2017
5:00 PM - 6:00 PM SGT
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Ground Floor, Auditorium, Raffles Design Institute
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51 Merchant Road Singapore
Pomeroy Academy, TheNode & Singapore Design Week