Tokyo Pub Crawl! Sat. night bar tour around Tokyo (Movember Mustache Madness)


PUB CRAWL DOUBLE WEEKEND, Day 2: Movember Madness

We're crawling alllll weekend long. Part one of this double pub crawl takes place FRI Nov.22 in Shibuya. After that, you'll find us crawling across town to Roppongi for day 2.

Seven different bars in one weekend. Can you keep up?

(Or just join for one day. That's ok, too.)


Come and celebrate the month of Movember (November + mustache) as we pay special tribute to our bristly sidekicks!

This is a mustache party! Everyone who bears or wears a mustache will get a discount at the door (and lots of loving admiration).

• We will visit 4 bars/clubs in one night.

Free welcome shots and drink discounts for MeetUp members at each bar.

Mustache party. Wear a mustache! Get a discount.

• Joining for both days? Get a discount.

Additional information below.

First Time Crawlers

A pub crawl is basically a "bar tour" or "bar-hopping." We will organize a group of people visit 4 different bars together, finishing at a club. It's easy way to meet people, chat in English and Japanese, and of course there will be dancing and drinking.

Most of all, its fun and exciting, and a new way to experience Tokyo!



All those attending from MeetUp are invited to meet at 18:00 (30 minutes early). You don't have to come at this time, but its a good chance to say "hello" and chat with MeetUp members in a more quiet, relaxed, and intimate environment. This is an opportune time for one-on-one communication, cause once the pub crawl starts picking up steam, you might be more interested in mingling, dancing, and who knows what else!


•18:30 ~ 19:15 Welcome shot #1 and kick off speech

•19:15 ~ 19:40 Mixer activity (Get to know your fellow crawlers)

•19:45 ~ 20:45 Bar 2 and welcome shot #2

•20:00 ~ 20:30 Screwball hour (games)

•20:45 ~ 22:15 Bar/Club 3 and welcome shot #3

•21:00 ~ 21:30 Booze clues (win some prizes)

•22:15 ~ 23:30 Bar/Club 4 and welcome shot #4


Meeting Spot

Triple Twenty (B1F), Roppongi

Important Details

• If this is your FIRST TIME at a pub crawl, check out our photos on Facebook to get a good idea of what to expect:


• The pub crawl starts at 18:30 and ends at 23:30. If you're late, let us know in advance if possible.

This is a mustache party! Wear a mustache (real or fake) for a discount.

Special Advanced Ticket Discounts:

• ¥2200 for guys/男性 (¥2000 with a mustache)

• ¥1900 for ladies/女性 (¥1700 with a mustache)


See you Sat!!!


今年で2回目になるハロウィーン パブクロール仮装パーティーの季節がまた到来しました。仮装している方にはディスカウント、ベストコスチュームを勝ち取った人方には賞品をご用意しています。 集合場所はモンキーズ ダーツ バー。 そのあと3軒のバーにまわり最後はクラブで解散になります。詳細は下記をご覧ください。




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Sat Nov 23, 2013
6:30 PM - 11:30 PM JST
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Triple Twenty (B1)
11/23 Saturday Pub Crawl Ticket - (Male/男) SOLD OUT ¥2,200
11/23 Saturday Pub Crawl Ticket - (Female/女) SOLD OUT ¥1,900
2 Day Pub Crawl Ticket -- FRI 22nd+SAT 23rd (Male/男) -- Save ¥1000! SOLD OUT ¥3,500
2 Day Pub Crawl Ticket -- FRI 22nd+SAT 23rd (Female/女) -- Save ¥1000! SOLD OUT ¥2,700
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東京都港区六本木5-16-5 インペリアル六本木フォーラムビル Japan
Tokyo Pub Crawl 東京パブクロール国際交流パーティー