Get Hacking with Arduino (Weekday Sessions)

Learn programming while tinkerting with electronics
Learn how to use electronics to build simple things like an LED night light and a musical device you play just by waving your hand in the air! With the basics you'll pick up during this course, you can move on to tinker and build lots more cool stuff limited only by your imagination. Even a tiny tofu piano.

The Maker Movement is here. Amateur makers are hard at work prototyping new devices from 3D printing pens, Internet-controlled coffee machines, to the ArduSat satellite. Arduino is a widely-used prototyping platform for many of these projects. Join the movement now!

Note: This course has reached the minimum required signups to proceed and is now confirmed.

Workshop Dates

The workshop consists of two 3-hour sessions on consecutive Saturday mornings. Do take note of both dates:

  • 18 Dec 2013 - Wednesday morning 9:30 am to 12:30 pm.
  • 20 Dec 2013 - Friday morning 9:30 am to 12:30 pm.
If these dates don't work for you, we also have Saturday workshops taking place in the month of December: http://ptix.co/17rHqYw

Workshop Description

Using the Arduino, we teach fundamental concepts of computational thinking. These concepts are widely applicable in future programming languages you may pick up, e.g. building web apps with Python, or mobile apps with Objective-C.

You'll also get our Arduino Starter Kit which is yours at the end of the workshop.

Our material is accessible to everyone 13 years old and above with very little or no programming experience. You just need an interest to pick up programming and/or play around with electronics. We also welcome big kids long out of school (like us) who just want to start tinkering.

What You’ll Learn

How to use the Arduino, together with these components:

  • LED
  • Servo Motor
  • DC Motor
  • Buzzer
  • Switch
  • Trimmer Potentiometer ("Knob")
  • Light Sensor
  • Temperature Sensor

Introduction to Computation Thinking with these programming concepts:

  • Variables and Functions
  • Conditionals
  • Iteration
  • Arrays
"The greatest learning for me was the hardware part of the workshop ... and getting some hands-on on the hardware was really useful" – Veronica, past participant

"If only they taught us programming like this back when I was in school. This makes so much more sense" – Don, past participant


What do I need for the workshop?

Included in the workshop fee is an Arduino Starter Kit that you can bring home after the workshop to continue your tinkering. It includes an Arduino-compatible board (Freaduino) and all the components that will be needed for the workshop. You are strongly encouraged to bring your own laptop (to install the Arduino environment which runs on Windows, Mac and Linux) for the workshop, but if you are unable to bring a computer, do inform us early so that we can provide you with one. The Arduino is quite useless at home if you don't have a computer to program it.

I already have an Arduino. Do I still have to get your Starter Kit?

Unfortunately yes, unless you already happen to have a Freaduino UNO. This is our board of choice not because it's cheaper than the official UNO (by barely over a dollar), but because the additional row of power and ground pins (what they call "Elec blocks IO") make it much easier for beginners who are learning programming and electronics at the same time. If you happen to have this same board, we can knock $25 of the fee but we'll still provide you with the sensors and modules that are required for the course.

What's this about homework I hear about?

The course itself is only 6 hours long, which is far too short of a time to pick up everything well unless you are a super genius. We highly recommend that you spend some time working on the homework to help your learning. This workshop is not graded, so you can't officially fail, but we will be very sad if we did not manage to stuff you full of new knowledge and skills.

I am interested in attending the workshop but I'm not free on these workshop dates

Drop us an email at hello@tinkertanker.com and we'll keep you in the loop for future runs of the workshop.

What's your cancellation policy?

Tell us within 3 days of the workshop date, and we'll refund your workshop fee.

Where can I contact the organiser with any questions?

Contact us at hello@tinkertanker.com

Wed Dec 18, 2013
9:30 AM - 12:30 PM SGT
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Buona Vista CC Room 2-8
Two 3-hour sessions on 18th & 20th Dec, inclusive of starter kit worth $90 SOLD OUT $240.00
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Blk 36 Holland Drive, Room 2-8 Singapore