Opening up & Be Self-Aware Workshop



Do you feel that you're not in control of your own life? or has people told you any one of these:

5 Signs that You lack Self-Awareness:

  • You're passive-aggressive
  • Your behaviour changes noticeably
  • You're constantly defensive
  • You're always giving excuses
  • You're in denial

You feel as though no one understands You.

Few people see us the way we see ourselves. In fact, there is a clear gap between our self-views and other people’s views on us, and the bigger this gap, the more dysfunctional our relationships with others will tend to be.

Fret not as the sooner you take action and understand that everybody goes through it, the sooner you start taking charge of your life and maintain great relationships to those around you.

The Concept:

This program is based on the concept that self-awareness is the key to a happy life and to a quiet kind of powerful leadership. Again, you must first learn how to master and lead yourself before you can lead others. The first step in this entire process is self-awareness. You will leave this program with a plan, a psychological roadmap, such that you can optimize your leadership impact as well as your personal relationships that exist beyond your work setting.

“To become a leader, you must become yourself, become the maker of your own life. Knowing yourself is the most difficult task that any of us faces. But until you truly know yourself, strengths and weaknesses, know what you want to do and why you want to do it, you cannot succeed in any but the most superficial sense of the word.”

The Basic Approach:

You create your life according to the programs (beliefs) in your mind, both conscious and unconscious. Some of these "programs" are negative and self-sabotaging and operate automatically to interfere with the happiness and success you seek to create in your life. You cannot control that of which you are unaware. The crux of this leadership workshop is to bring those negative "programs" into awareness and under your control.

Who should sign up:

  • People who want to start taking charge of their life
  • People who are feeling 'lost' in their daily activities
  • Those wanting to better understand themselves

3 hours Opening Up & Be Self-Aware Workshop Outline:

1. Introduction

2. DiSC Profiling

3. Self-Awareness Talk and Toolkit

4. 'Compass' Mapping (Life Direction)

5. Interactive Sharing Session

6. Closure

**End of Session**

Light refrestments will be provided.

Hear first-hand from our participants:

"After this class i am more open to feedback about myself than before, realizing it's not personal but benefical in growing as a person" - Jack Tay

"Raniel is such a talented person, his experiences he shared has made a positive impact in my everyday life. Thank you Raniel!" - Ong Wen Ting

"Negativity thoughts isnt actually a bad thing as it helped me to adapt and grow! Thats all i can say. " - Joshua Tan

"It was scary at first, thinking whether to join this program, as i was in denial and was afraid to truly know myself. But after going through the class i know i am more confident about myself" - Derrick Low

About our speaker, Raniel Lee:

Raniel lee was an underperformer back in school, coming from an EM3 class he worked his way up completing ITE higher Nitec and his Diploma afterwards. Raniel has a strong sense of self-awareness that has guide him
through the difficulties he faced, getting bad grades in school and from being called 'stupid' to 'you're never going to make it' but he perservered and is now founder of two companies, inspireARTS and Jobook Singapore.

Also, Raniel regulary hosts classes that focuses around Leadership and Self-Awareness as he strongly believes the Youths of today are the future of tomorrow which has led him to the founding of OARS Academy. OARS Academy aims to provide a place to empower youths to be mentored and to mentor at-risk individuals.

Any enquiries about the workshop, contact Timothy @ 9274 9297. Or drop an email @ timothy.tan@jobook.co

Thu Feb 16, 2017
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM SGT
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101 East Coast Road #02-00
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