【リトアニア料理 in 西葛西】アジアの都市ではなかなかお目にかかれない、リトアニア料理をJurgaさんと一緒に楽しもう!




My name is Jurga, I am lithuanian living in Tokyo. Me and my husband moved to Japan just this summer, where we'll be living for the next 3 years. A desire to travel encouraged us to seek for adventure and brought us far away from home - to Japan!

We love meeting new people and feel excellent in an international environment. Since I'm an enthusiastic cooker, I enjoy exploring different cultures' cuisines while travelling.

In my kitchen I use some ingredientes that are brought from my home country since it's really difficult or even impossible to find them in Japan. The fragrant herbs were collected by myself at Lithuanian forests and meadows at this summer. Some herbs are grown here in my balcony.

My kitchen is not a fancy one but you can expect to find it in a cozy home-style. Dinner is served in a traditional way with Lithuanian linen tablecloths and brown clay pialas made by myself. If you wish to discover more about this unique small country, I would be more than happy to introduce an admiring photo album of unseen nature spots, show Lithuanian famous things: linen, amber and baltic jewellery, woven bands.

I would love to invite you to our place and share some secrets of unique traditional Lithuanian cuisine!


- これはどんな料理?

I am proud to introduce you to Lithuanian cuisine heritage dishes that are originated from the very old times. This menu reveals ethnic Lithuanian recipes including the ones I learned from my family. Even though some recipes look hundreds of years back, these rustic and hearted dishes are still beloved by all Lithuanians. I invite you to view the details of every dish and feel welcome at my home to TASTE THE REAL LITHUANIA.

1. Welcome drink: Melissa tea
Melissa herbs were brought from Lithuanian meadows. This is my favorite herbal tea!

2. Tasting Lithuanian high quality smoked pork terderloin
Pork terderloin is valued as the best pork meat in Lithuania. The traditional way to prepare meat is smoking and smoked meat products are the most popular in Lithuania. Since smoked pork tenderloin is rather expensive, it is usually served for the feasts. This soft meat with amazing smell was produced in the small Lithuanian farm.

3. Making a curd cheese
Homemade curd cheese is sweet and fragrant. At the old times curd cheese was prepared nearly in every home and nowadays it could be bought in every grocery. Curd cheese is one the healthy dairy products that almost every Lithuanian can't live without and I'm going to show you how easily it could be made at home!

4. Sauerkraut soup with pork ribs
Lithuanians have been preparing sauerkraut since the very old times. Even it could be bought in every grocery, my grandparents still prepare it at home. Sauerkraut soup has a very rich taste and is healthy for your body (especially for digestive system).

5. "Kugelis su kiaulių ausytėmis" - Grated potato pie with pig ears
"Kugelis" is seasoned with sour cream and meat cracklings. In the old times Lithuanians were preparing grated potatoe pie with different parts of meat: pig legs or ears, chicken wings or legs, minced meat or without any meat at all. This time I decided to make a very traditional version of "kugelis" that includes pig ears. This is my husband's favorite Lithuanian dish! However, if you don't feel willing to try pig ears - we can make it without them and it still tastes great!

6. Curd cheese donuts
Curd cheese donuts just melt in your mouth when still hot! They are so fragrant and soft, that you can't stop eating until they are finished. This recipe is from my childhood, when my mother was preparing them to me and my sister. Curd cheese donuts are definately one of mom's greatest kitchen hits! She learned this recipe from her grandmother and later passed it to me.

7. Herbal tea with Lithuanian Mead and natural honey
Herbs were collected by myself in Lithuanian forests and meadows this summer. Natural honey was brought from Lithuania. Mead is a very traditional strong spirit drink made from fermented honey (50% of alcohol). Since it is very fragrant and strong, one of the best ways to taste it is mixing some drops with the hot tea. It warms you up in the winter.


ご予約お待ちしていますね♪ Jurgaさんと一緒にリトアニア料理を旅しよう!



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