Reiki for Children


Giving your children the gift of Reiki is really a life long gift of healing and self-responsibility.

Reiki works on many levels as it is essentially an energy balancing tool. Often when we get ill or injured it is because we are run down, stressed, unfocussed – basically out of balance. When we refuel with Reiki we are bringing our body back into equilibrium, and when we are balanced we are full of vitality, out immune system is strong, and we have clear focus. Many parents have told me that Reiki has helped their children sleep, become calmer, and even managed their tantrums!

kids reikiA Children’s Reiki course is a one day workshop with more focus on play then lecturing. The time is given to allow each of the four attunements time to settle and the rest of the day is given to ‘reiki’ play, games, interactive reiki sessions, arts and craft.

Its important that at least one parent has Reiki as questions always come up. They learn very basic Reiki techniques but as children it is much more intuitive and we don’t expect them to carry out a regular or disciplined self-treatment. However most of the kids do use their Reiki to self-sooth, to help themselves get to sleep and also when they hurt themselves or have aches and pains.

The basic agenda is:

  • Introduction to energy and Reiki
  • Reiki Historyholly reiki plant
  • Self-treatment
  • Reiki plants, animals, crystals, water, food
  • Reiki others, first aid and scanning techniques
  • Introduction to Chakras
  • Chakra meditation

Children can be aged 7 to 12 (13 and above can attend the adult class). The prerequisite is that the child wants it themselves, and that one of the parents/ caregivers already has Reiki so that there is home support available.

More About Pooja Pooja

Pooja is a Reiki Centre Affiliate and uses the Reiki Centre manuals and certification developed by Elaine Grundy. Students become Full members of Reiki Centre International giving free unlimited access to all our online manuals, videos and further education.

Pooja Arora has been a Reiki teacher since early 2014. Pooja came to natural healing modalities in her early life, when an accident left her with a debilitating injury. She credits Reiki, Yoga, Ayurveda and power of creative visualisation to help her not only tackle her injuries then, but also guide her through various physical, emotional and spiritual ups and downs in the last 16-17 years.

After spending 12+ years in corporate career in international marketing roles, she decided to taker a break and indulge her true passion – sharing healing Reiki, Yoga and Ayurveda secrets. She trained as a Teacher with the Reiki Centre and has been the healing and teaching Reiki for the past year and a half. She also does Ayurvedic counselling, teaches meditation and provides yoga therapy. You can read her blog at www.vaidhyam.com

Sat Mar 25, 2017
10:00 AM - 4:00 PM SGT
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73 Loewen Road, Singapore 248843
Standard SOLD OUT $250.00
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73 Loewen Road 248843 Singapore Singapore
Within the grounds of Two Trees Early Learning School. Please park outside the school and proceed down the steps below Anjali Chocolate. Shuttle Bus complimentary service from Orchard road: www.dempseyhill.com/shuttlebusschedule.html
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