Silva Method Immersion Workshop


Are you ready to unlock your potential? Start the Journey of your personal transformation?

Imagine giving yourself a gift by slowing down for four days, putting the demands of your everyday life on hold, immersing yourself in a very relaxed, friendly, supportive environment with a small group of uplifting, motivated people – and focusing on nothing but YOU.

Imagine creating a crystal-clear road map that will guide you, inevitably, step-by-step forward into creating the life of your design.

And finally, imagine experiencing the tangible result of those four days – a level of confidence, certainty and the development of the proven step by step tools that you bring home with you to create your success, happiness and fulfillment to enhance the quality of your life.

And it begins with a decision and a commitment to invest in your most important asset….You. Ready to go?!

Silva Method Immersion is a 4 day proven Dynamic Meditation and Creative visualization program. Its easy to learn practical techniques gives you the tools to achieve and sustain personal success, optimal health, happiness, accelerated learning, intuitive development and spiritual well-being. We will talk about how to leverage the power of your mind to be successful in whatever you are doing - weather its career, life, relationship or health! We will talk about building our intuition and using that for smarter decision making. We will learn how to use the find to its fullest and make it work hard for you, by simply relaxing it! It will be a lively session with lots of opportunities for discussions and a lot of practise of dynamic meditation and visualization!

Silva Method was developed in USA by Jose Silva in 1944-1966 after years of scientific research and development. Today has global reach – its taught in 30 different languages, in 100+ countries worldwide and has over 6 million graduates. Its graduates include some well known names like Wayne Dyer, Shakti Gavin, Richard Bach amonth many others.

The program can be broken down into 2 workshops. You could choose to attend just the Level 1 (Silva Life system) or do Level 1 (Silva Life System) and Level 2 ( Silva Intuition Seminar) together as a entire 4 day workshop.

The Silva Life System (2 days) will focus on self-improvement and practical life enhancement techniques to manifest your success in getting what you want. Silva Life System (SLS) helps you to develop the foundation. If you are new to Silva, it is required to begin with.

The Silva Intuition System (2 days) will focus on the development of Intuition, inspiration, creativity, living a purpose driven life, and spiritual development, as well as advanced manifestation tools. The SIS is by far the heart and soul of the Silva Method.

More details for each of the workshops

Level 1 : Silva Life System : https://www.silvamethod.com/silva-life-system/

Level 2 Silva Intuition System : https://www.silvamethod.com/silva-intuition-system/

A bit about Pooja Arora, your guide for the evening. She’s a certified Reiki teacher, Wellness Coach and a certified Silva Method Life Systems and Intuition Trainer. She has 18+ years of expereince with alternate therapies and have been training, speaking and coaching for last 10+ years! A bit more about herjourney can be found here : http://vaidhyam.com/about-us/

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Apr 27 - Apr 30, 2017
[ Thu ] - [ Sun ]
9:00 AM - 7:00 PM SGT
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Silva Immersion (4 day workshop) SOLD OUT $1,500.00
Silva Life System Only (2 days) SOLD OUT $1,000.00
Silva Intuition System Only (2 days) SOLD OUT $1,000.00
Silva Immersion (4 Day, Pay at workshop) FULL
Silva Graduates : Refresh (2 days) SOLD OUT $100.00
Silva Graduates : Refresh (4 Days) SOLD OUT $200.00
Venue Address
Hollandse Club, 22 Camden Park , SG 299814 Singapore
Conference Room
Silva Method Singapore