5Rhythms Dance with Yiannis Thrasyvoulou

¿Por qué bailas?
Why do you dance?

Triggers - Self-worth - Intentions

Happy 2017! As we enter 2017 and into our first 5Rhythms of the year, how have you closed the year of 2016 and how will you start 2017? We invite you to seek clarity and awareness in all that you do this year starting with a simple question - why do you dance? Life flows, life is movement. Bring clarity and intention into living, make sense and better understand life. Such that there is greater acceptance, and we feel more empowered in our living.

Triggers - In this dance, we invite you to explore what are your personal triggers? What sets you off and into old habits of blaming or running away? Most triggers are deeply entrenched within us, and most are emotional triggers. When we provide them with the space and gently invite them out to dance, develop the awareness of them, that tightness in the chest, the queasiness in the stomach, if we develop the awareness of them before they develop into full blown episodes, and before we fall into old habits. We are empowered to heal them and to not allow ourselves and others to fall into the blame game. When we are unconscious of personal triggers, we always think the world is at fault, and it becomes a dangerous place. We continuously perpetuate this fear, anger and defensiveness, and hurt others for fear of being hurt. But ultimately it is these words and actions that we bring to others, that ultimately brings the greater hurt back to ourselves. ~

Self-worth - What is self-worth? What is your self-worth? What do you value about yourself? Such a seemingly simple concept, but its impacts go way deeper. How much do you love and appreciate yourself? Do you give thanks to yourself? Do you embrace yourself as gently as you embrace others? What parts of yourself do you turn away from? What is your relationship with money? ~ Do I love me?

Intentions - pause - take a deep breath - What do you want to manifest today? What will you bring forth this year? How will your choices today impact you are tomorrow?

Flowing. Staccato. Chaos. Lyrical. Stillness.
Waves - Heartbeat - Cycles - Mirrors - Silver Desert

See you on the dance floor.
Sun Jan 15, 2017
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM SGT
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Civil Service Club, 60 Tessensohn Road
Standard SOLD OUT $35.00
Venue Address
CSC , 60 Tessensohn Road Singapore 217664 Singapore
5 mins walk from Farrer Park MRT, exit B
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