How you eat is how you live: enjoy your life more by eating differently :)


FOOD, glorious food! We all love eating food! We search for the recipe to that tasty laksa, we travel for the best prawn mee, we can't wait to gobble them down in a mouth! Ah, what a great day. BUT...

Do you know that food is more than just satisfying our craving and giving us energy? The way we eat our food, the thought process that run in the backs of our minds as we eat, all these are able to tell a lot of an individual! Would you be interested to find out more about you as a person over a meal?

This Saturday, 7th Jan from 11.30am to 1.15pm, join us on this short quest of self exploration as we get intimate with this very act of eating which most of the time we take for granted.

We’ll first enjoy our meal as usual so we can look at how we eat. Then we’ll experiment together another way of eating: conscious eating! And from this experience, we’ll have another point of view on how to eat… will this lead to having another point of view on how to live? That will be you to decide :)

Interested? Get your seat by contacting Eugene @9434 8404

More information below the poster:

A life coach, Manuel left France with his wife to live here in Singapore. After the New Years' Eve and the celebrations that may not always be relaxing or delicate for our body, he would like to offer you a new experience: eating in peace :)

What about taking the time to eat, no stress, no agenda, nothing... and just the pleasure of enjoying a meal, while discovering how to make our life better by eating as we really want!
Join this delicious event if you want to
meet new friends who like food, know better yourself and improve your life just by choosing how to eat!

Day: Saturday, January 7th
Time: 1130am to 130pm
Location: Tiong Bahru Area (looking for good deals!)
Price: Free Entry (but pay for your own food! :)

Get your seat at the table by contacting Eugene @9434 8404

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Sat Jan 7, 2017
11:30 AM - 1:30 PM SGT
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