Coming Home - an acceptance and nurture process for parents - 5 Tuesday evenings


Connect - to your OWN moments of inner conflict

Centre - on your OWN inner experience…..

Create - acceptance for YOURSELF & of others

calm will come …

It follows a 5 week learning in which you...

1 – Build the Foundations of what this learning is

2 – Create the bricks, the basics of being mindful

3 – Put them together, with awareness & acceptance

4 – Add the roof/shelter, with self-kindness practices

5 – Settle in get comfortable – practicing the process

This course offers

Support - hearing that all perspectives and personalities can be honored and adapted for better parenting

Solutions on how to manage ‘self’ to improvement management in the home

Strategies to help yourself rather than to be the helper

Strengthsto bring up better qualities and to moderate strengths to balance instinctual responses with wise ones

Soothing to ‘stay’ with moments/thoughts that are hard and learn to cushion them with useful self-soothing

Becoming conscious of vulnerable thoughts and feelings helps a parent understand their own reactivity. Our personality traits are often pre-set well before parenting begins and we don't have to change it, but be kind to it!

Acknowledging our own flawed and complex natures allows us to be more fully available to contrasting or conflicting attributes within our child, reducing criticism, control, anger and the need to ‘fix’ them – managing your internal world better, you will find adaptable solutions without strain.

It is less about regulating, ruling and reassuring your child, and more about developing the tools to slow down, reflect and become aware of responses within to help yourself in moments of conflict

Experience gentle exercises and step-by-step learning that allows you the privacy of self-reflection within a supportive group environment. Feel safe - sharing is optional.

more details see www.family-sos.org/resources

or call Katy on 97937069 or email cominghomecourse@gmail.com

Tue Jan 17, 2017
7:30 PM - 9:00 PM SGT
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Coming Home - an acceptance and nurture process for parents
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