Celebrate! Japanese Cuisine and Culture@Liang Court 3rd week ~Let’s Eat “UMAMI”! Taste Japan~

14:00~ Easy steps to Delicious Temaki Sushi (Hand rolled sushi) / 16:00~ Let’s Eat “UMAMI”! Taste Japan

Following by the 2nd week about SUSHI,

The 3rd week, we will have two different sessions.
Temaki sushi and Ochazuke are two popular, easy-to-cook dishes in Japan.
This week, we would like to introduce these two very simple dishes to you!

Please join us on the following dates and times:

■ Easy steps to Delicious Temaki Sushi (Hand rolled sushi)

Date & Time
16th, 17th Nov.- 2.00pm (duration approx. 40 mins)

For this session, we would like to welcome parents and kids to make their own sushi rolls. Temaki sushi is very easy and fun to make at home. Mr. Paul from Ike-Ike sushi (活けいけ寿司) Liang Court branch will introduce how to enjoy Temaki sushi the Singapore way.

■ Let’s Eat “UMAMI”! Taste Japan

Date & Time
16th, 17 th Nov. - 4.00pm (duration approx. 1 hour)

In this session, we will introduce Japanese unique "UMAMI" to you though Ochazuke, a Japanese tea rice dish. We will start from an introduction of Ochazuke, which is a type of healthy Japanese fast food. In fact, Ochazuke can be made anyhow you like. For simple ones, you can add dried plums, for more complex flavours, you can choose to add sashimi.

Following that, we will explain Japanese "UMAMI" by providing an experience of the taste of "Dashi". We would like you to try a bowl of Seabread Ochazuke. You can choose to pour either "houji-tea" or "dashi" according to your preference.

Liang Court, L1, Atrium B (Event Space)

≪Target persons≫
- who likes Japanese food
- who has interests in cooking and is willing to learn Japanese cuisines
- who wants to try delicious Japanese food.
- who likes cooking at home
- who loves Japanese culture


This session will be presented by Mr. Maetomo, a chef from Chikuyotei restaurant.


Celebrate! Japanese Cuisine and CultureLiang Court
This event continues for the whole month of November, every weekend.
Please feel free to register and join us at Liang court!

The 1st week (2st , 3nd Nov.) :
"Shabu-Shabu Salad" "Japanese Curry" with Japanese Wagyu

The 2nd week (9th , 10th Nov.) :
~Go Fresh with Sushi~

The 4th week (23rd , 24th Nov.) :
~Japanese sake, A Warrior’s Guide to Japanese Liquor~

We are looking forward to seeing you there!

Nov 16 - Nov 17, 2013
[ Sat ] - [ Sun ]
2:00 PM - 4:30 PM SGT
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