【日本料理 in 千歳台】Reikoさんと一緒に日本のスタンダード「おにぎり」を作って楽しもう!




Hi! This is Reiko.

I like cooking, eating and meeting new people.
I've traveled many countries and lived in Canada for 16 months. Now, I'm a desperate mom with two boys. I miss talking with people from foreign countries. I'm lucky to know Kitch Hike!

Have you already tried SUSHI or TEMPURA or SUKIYAKI at fancy restaurants? Then, why don't you come to my house now ?
It takes only 30 minutes from Shinjuku to get here.

Please try REAL Japanese homemade meal that we usually eat. NOT in an ellegant party style. Not too much Japanese.
We eat various kinds of food at home.

What do you want to eat?
I'll accept your request!
I'm so moody when I cook, so even I don't know what I'll make.
But please don't worry. I'm sure the food will be always HEALTHY and WELL BALANCED.
You can go shopping and cook with me. Little kids are also welcome! They can play with my kids.

Hope to see you soon!


- これはどんな料理?

Rice balls called ONIGIRI.

One of the most typical Japanese picnic lunch. Just like sandwitches in the Western countries. We make rice balls with variety of seasonings around them or we put pickled plums called UMEBOSHI, tuna with mayo, salted cooked salmon called SHAKE, and so on in the center of a rice ball.

You can make your own ONIGIRI.
It's fun and you can enjoy the different tastes! You can take the seasonings with you if you want to.

I'll serve you some other side dishes and fruits too.


ご予約お待ちしていますね♪ Reikoさんと一緒に日本料理を旅しよう!



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Thu Dec 15, 2016
11:00 AM - 2:00 PM JST
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