Ukiyoe workshop with printing master #1

What does it comes to Japanese souvenirs for your family and friends in your country?
浮世絵 Ukiyoe is the one of the most popular souvenir for foreigners.

In Japan, Ukiyoe had been getting popular among people in the Edo period 17-18th century. The Ukiyoe is made of 3 process which is drawing,cutting wood-pannels and printing. The famous drawer are there for example Hiroshige Utagawa, Hokusai Katsushika etc, however, not only them but also cutter and printer artisants are also very important for Ukiyoe. Artisans of Cutter and Printer understand well the subject of drawings and how to show it on the Washi paper.

The technique of printing is very delicate and complicated to put several colors (sometimes more than 10 colors) on Washi papers one by one without mixing each colors up. It needs sense of colors and defines the total Ukiyoe’s images.

Today, we learn from Mr.Shinkichi Numabe who is the Japanese certificated Ukiyoe printing master and experienced for 40 years. Additionally, you’ll see some master piece of Ukiyoe postcard. Each patterns has story and unique techniques.
Let’s get Ukiyoe printed by yourself and give it for your family as Winter holidays gifts.

1. Introduction
2. learning story of Ukiyoe
3. Watch and discuss about some Ukiyoe Pieces
4. Printing Ukiyoe Introduction
4. Printing 2 type of Ukiyoe
5. Special gift for participants

◆Important Notes:
Please be considerate towards other participants
Please be punctual and arrive on time (*we will start the event on time)

Sun Dec 18, 2016
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM JST
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Yoshida Studio
Ukiyoe workshop SOLD OUT ¥6,000
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東京都世田谷区若林2-23-3 Japan

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