La Meditation en Blanc (1/2)


"White is pure and simple and matches with everything"

- Christian Dior

For this very last series of the year, Quantum Zazen wants to celebrate and bring a festive flair of appreciation for this year coming to an end. In a zen way.

Our team got inspired by the theme La Meditation en Blanc, which can be translated by Mediation in White.

Indeed as a Grande Première, there will be a dress code at the entrance of our event: all white, at least for the top while the bottom can be beige.

Imagine all our participants in white: can't you feel the festive simplicity already? Aren't we somehow naturally uplifted and feel lighter when we are in white? Aren't our thoughts clearer ? And even if you go blan(c), is that really a problem? Because after all, isn't meditation about reconnecting to clear emptiness?

However do not take our word for it. Come join us for this special event and experience it for yourself!

Theme: La Meditation en Blanc Date and Time: 26 Nov 9:00 - 11:30am Location: Surprise ! Venue to be disclosed the last week before event.

Fee: Free of charge! Donations are appreciated.
Register now for the limited seats under www.tinyurl.com/qzazen.

You are welcome to visit our Facebook page under www.facebook.com/quantumzazen, where further information on our event(s) are disclosed.


Brought to you with love and connectedness

from Quantum Zazen team

What is Quantum Zazen? Quantum is the smallest physical unit discovered to date. Imagine meditation from a simple breath down to the finest constructs of your being. To a state where each quantum unit of energy and material is aligned to your energy, spirit, cells, physical body, thoughts and emotions. Balance the inner and outer harmony in you and experience the zen and tranquility of being, and bring this into your life and reality.

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Sat Nov 26, 2016
9:00 AM - 11:30 AM SGT
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Braddell View Club House - 10 Braddell Hill, 579719 Singapore
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2611 surprise street Singapore
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