【General】DMM.make AKIBA Demo Day


“AKIBA Demo Day”, the event where the startup who “Establish” the innovation and the enterprise who “Accelerate” the innovation meets.

In order to make an innovation the power of startup is a necessary puzzle piece. It is an important factor to step into a higher stage, IoT startup needs collaborate with investors and enterprises who can support with funding, high-end technology, and distributing.
IoT startups from all over the world will transmit their newest information through the exhibition and pitch at “DMM.make AKIBA Demo Day”.
Participants will receive various technology, and service from IoT startups who will be there at the event.


▼ If you are member of AKIBA (Includes Base/Studio/Base Plus/Scholarship/Team Room/Sponsor) please apply from here.
 ・Please check the password at the facebook community.
 ・If you are Drop-in/Holiday member of AKIBA, please apply the [GENERAL TICKET] of this page.

 2017/01/17 (Tue)

[Venue]  DMM.make AKIBA
      Chiyoda-ku Kanda Neribei-cho 3 Fuji Soft Akihabara Building 12F Tokyo

[Participation Fee] 20,000Yen

[Eligibility] Advanced applicants only

[Target] Startup, Investor, VC, Enterprise, Education industry, Government Authority.

[Host] DMM.make AKIBA

[Special Page]



11:30-12:00 Gate Open
12:00     Event Start
12:15-12:30 Speech from DMM.make AKIBA
12:30-13:20 Talk Session 1
13:30-16:30 Startup Pitch
17:00-17:50 Talk Session2
18:00     Event Close
18:00-20:00 Networking
・12:00-18:00 Startups will exhibit their products.
・12:00-18:00 Will hold a facility tour
・Will provide negotiation booth
・There is a possibility of having a change in the program please understand.
・Please check our ”Special Page” for precise details regarding exhibitors and speakers.

[How To Apply]

Please apply from this page.
Please show us a screen shot of a peatix reservation screen as well as a company name and name of a representative.
Please also prepare 2 business cards.

[Entering the building]

Please note the reception desk will be at 12th floor of Fuji Soft Building.
Please take an elevator to 4th floor from the southern entrance.
DMM.make AKIBA employee will guide you to the 12th floor.
▶Please come in between 11:30-19:00
▶Inquiry: DMM.make AKIBA event team: 070-3521-8257

【DMM.make AKIBA】

DMM.make AKIBA is a total making a thing facility consisted in two parts. ”DMM.make Base” is a share space of a business hub where the member can use the space for an office or event. “DMM.make Studio” is a facility where member can operate high-end machines to make prototype. We prepare everything that makers need.

Tue Jan 17, 2017
11:30 AM - 8:00 PM JST
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Venue Address
Chiyoda-ku Kanda Neribei-cho 3 Fuji Soft Akihabara Building 12F Tokyo Japan

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