Archi-Engineering Workshop Series: Once a Pond a Beaver's Tale


Join us on a 4-day beaver adventure this holiday!

Beaver is one of nature’s most awesome architect and engineer as it not only builds its own lodges but is also able to transform the environment to suit themselves by constructing dams. In this 4-day workshop, learners shall take on dual roles as both engineers and architects and learn from the beaver in our design challenge.

Day 1 (23 Nov 2016)

In the popular imagination, the beaver is known to be all teeth and tail. Yet its adaptation to the natural environment calls for more than just that. It lives in the water and is an excellent swimmer. Having learnt beaver’s physical characteristics, we will notice some similarities shared by both beaver and motor boat. This workshop aims to highlight those similarities and magnify it by making a motor boat. In this section, we will be learning to create a simple circuit and investigating basic engineering concepts about buoyancy and engine power while we design and craft out the boat.

Day 2 (24 Nov 2016)

Beaver’s dams have inspired us to design and build dams all over the world. What are dams and what are they built for? We will experiment with different materials in building a dam to determine which material helps to hold water best. Thereafter, we will design, construct and test our own dam structure. In this workshop, we will be investigating the forces acting behind the dams and the engineering concepts behind the design of the dams as a result of the forces.

Day 3 (28 Nov 2016)

Beavers make use of leaves, branches and mud to build their lodges. Did you know that a typical beaver’s lodge can be up to 2.4m wide and 1m high inside? In this workshop, we will be exploring mud and sticks architecture inspired by the lodge’s material and building technique. We will first take a glimpse of examples of vernacular clay and mud architecture and thereafter each child will attempt to build a lodge using clay and sticks as the primary building materials. During the hands-on exploration, learners will experiment with the architectural concepts of form and structure as they challenge themselves to transform these primitive materials into interesting architecture structures.

Day 4 (30 Nov 2016)

The beaver’s lodge is said to have secret entrances from underwater and different chambers for different functions such as eat, sleep and nursing. So what about the lodges that we have designed? How is the space like inside? Where are the entrances? How many rooms and storeys are there? Let’s sketch the walk into our lodge by learning to put our ideas into 2d plans and sections.


5-12 year olds


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23, 24, 28 and 30 November 2016

1330 - 1630h

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Nov 23 - Nov 30, 2016
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