The History of Laser Display Technology


1960, Lasers conceptual stage, gaseous lasers.In the 1960s, Theodore H.Maiman and his successful high power laser launcher made headlines around the world. Early gas lasers, with helium-neon lasers or krypton high-sub-laser output red light source to argon high-sub-laser output of green, blue light source. Gas lasers bulky, photoelectric conversion rate is low, difficult to industrial production. Due to technical constraints, the laser display development is slow. Thus the laser is dubbed "the answer to the question."

1990, laser development stage, solid-state lasers.The last century 90's, all solid-state lasers to promote the emergence of laser display technology into the research and development stage. Lasers have achieved breakthroughs in miniaturization. US Novalux company to high power vertical cavity surface emission cavity lasers based on periodic polarization of non-linear optical crystal material to obtain high-power, small volume red, green and blue three-color laser, semiconductor laser technology and nonlinear optical technology The development of laser display technology has made a gratifying attempt. Decoherence technology, Novalux also made good progress. Through the direct switching light source and digital light processing components, projection to the screen, so that the color of the laser through the fiber, respectively, spread to the optical engine, the use of multiple optical fiber reflection, disrupting the light wave front, thereby reducing theburning laser pointer Unique optical interference caused by image speckle.

1990-2010, the laser industry demonstration stage, the industry chain mature.With the professional-level high-end display products to further promote the laser display into the industry demonstration stage, began to mature technology industry chain, in preparation for future large-scale production. Mitsubishi Electric, Samsung, Texas Instruments, Osram, Jena optics and so will the laser display industry as a target race to carry out research and development. Laser display of the direction of the various products, whether large-screen or mobile phone projectors have been fully developed.

So far, large-scale production of laser gradually put into use.Into the fast-growing period, in the projector and television and other areas of the existing display products to compete. Beginning in 2015, the laser display into the mature stage, pre-emptive competition, technical barriers gradually.

The advantages of 3000mw laser pointer display products is obvious, but its advantage is its fatal flaw. The convergence of the laser, can bring high energy, providing higher brightness and temperature, but also the most difficult to control reasons. The most important is the laser safety issues, has been higher than the level of health risks, which is the United States Laser Control Association and the European Union security agencies to develop a mandatory law restricts high-power laser civilian reasons. So a long time, the laser product has not been officially on sale. By the end of 2013, the United States marked the European standard have limited open standards, high-power laser projection began legal debut, project projection into a new era. In early 2014, Barco, Christie's laser products are also released. In the same year, the world's leading supplier of laser display equipment Dewey Video introduced the world's first set of 4K clarity 50000 lumens laser projection system.

In the late 1980s, high-power semiconductor laser (LD) technology, all solid-state laser (DPL) technology and micro-display system technology advances, the laser display technology began to practical forward, especially laser projection display technology. Expected to 2026, laser display products with annual sales will reach 500 billion US dollars. Because of such a huge market, the current Japan, Korea, the United States and other countries have invested a lot of manpower and resources in the development of laser 5000mw display technology, intended to compete for the next generation of display devices in the international market. In the LCD, PDP and digital TV development competition in the Japanese industry to take the lead, the laser display technology called the history of human visual revolution. The Japanese government attaches great importance to laser display technology, is now to accelerate the development of national power, the desire to maintain its status as a big display industry. Representative research work includes Mitsubishi, Samsung, LG and Laser Power and so on. In 2009, Mitsubishi Electric launched a 65-inch laser TV, in 2010 it launched a 75-inch laser TV, Mitsubishi Laser TV sales in Japan and the United States a total of 10 million units. In January 2012, Barco presented a prototype of a laser digital cinema projector. At present, the international laser display technology has been developed to the early stage of industrialization, the next 3-5 years will be the global laser display technology industry development of the critical period.

Domestic policy help, accelerate the industrialization of

China's laser display technology development of global synchronization, China's laser display technology based on a solid, has been established from the core optical materials and devices, semiconductors and solid-state to the whole machine chain. The current industrial chain has been basically completed, the laser display industry is gradually transition to the growth stage. China in the field of 20000mw laser display patents accounted for 15.75%, second only to the United States and Japan. China in the laser display of various technical fields have different degrees of research and development and has made some achievements, all-round comprehensive development of the blank area is the advantage of China's laser display.

Policy help, the domestic display is expected to achieve a breakthrough, the current LED, OLED, LCD panel display area of ​​core technologies and devices are foreign control or monopoly, China does not have core competitive advantage. The laser display industry is currently in the early stages of industrialization, has yet to form a monopoly of the international division of labor and technical standards, as the display of the production of large countries and consuming countries, China for the laser display can be imagined, this is a very May achieve "corner overtaking" technology, shoulders the establishment of independent national display industry new mission. The state has been strongly support for the display industry. This year the two sessions adopted by the next five years, China plans to implement 100 major projects and draft projects, which involves "cultivating the integrated circuit industry system, fostering artificial intelligence, intelligent hardware, new display, mobile intelligent terminal, fifth generation mobile communication (5G), advanced sensors and wearable devices to become a new growth point.

The industrialization of the domestic situation of China in the laser 2000mw display technology research has a very solid foundation, through the National 863 Plan and other scientific plans carefully deployed, has been established from the core optical materials and devices, semiconductor and solid-state lasers to machine integration Of the complete technology chain. China has spared no effort to promote the industrialization of laser display process. In 2006, Optoelectronics Research Institute and Beijing Zhongke Zhongke Company took the lead in opening the industrialization of laser display in China. DCI-compliant laser digital cinema projectors are the first to be put into commercial operation in Beijing. In 2012, the "Laser Display Industry Technology", "Laser Display Technology", and the " 2014, DIVIRE SINOLASER laser projection products through the DCI recognized as the world's fourth with DCI-certified DLP technology-based digital cinema projector brand; 2015, Dewey video in Mianyang, 6000 square meters of laser Indicating that the production base has been officially put into operation, to achieve the production capacity from the release of 1,000 units, indicating that it has entered the high-end film projection and laser projection of the industrialization of the fast track.

Following the end of last year, its subsidiary, as the Dewey launch of pure RGB three-color laser light rear projection box, the beginning of this year, Dewey video in laser display technology research and development once again made a major breakthrough, is expected to soon release 12000 lumens 3DLP one machine and 120 Inch laser panoramic multi-touch screen, a rich product line to meet the diverse needs of the future to promote the laser display products market expansion to accelerate. Since the beginning of 2016, the beginning of the outbreak of domestic manufacturers, Diwei video, Hisense, etc. have launched large-size laser large-screen display system, laser TV products, and gradually guide the global 1000mw laser display technology.

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