The End of History

A painter's melancholia

One day, you receive an unmarked letter. An address, a key. You arrive, and unlock the door. It opens; you two, alone, in a 19th century salon. Paintings floor to ceiling; one of the paintings swings open. Darkness. A secret passageway – to where?

Enter now the melancholic universe of a painter -- when the artist no longer shapes the world of images, what recourse is there but to escape into the furtive depths of history?

+ Please only open door at precise time.

+ Entry per time-slot is for one or two people. There is no discount if you come alone.

+ Exhibition duration is estimated at 75 mins, inc. two drinks at bar.

Fri Oct 18, 2013
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM SGT
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6PM SOLD OUT $48.00
615PM SOLD OUT $48.00
630PM SOLD OUT $48.00
645PM SOLD OUT $48.00
7PM SOLD OUT $48.00
715PM SOLD OUT $48.00
730PM SOLD OUT $48.00
745PM SOLD OUT $48.00
8PM SOLD OUT $48.00
815PM - Two tickets SOLD OUT $48.00
6PM - Two tickets / two drinks SOLD OUT $48.00
615PM - Two tickets / two drinks SOLD OUT $48.00
630PM - Two tickets / two drinks SOLD OUT $48.00
645PM - Two tickets / two drinks SOLD OUT $48.00
7PM - Two tickets / two drinks SOLD OUT $48.00
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Secret Singapore
Alan Oei
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