英国の彫りVS 日本の彫り British vs Japanese Engraving

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イギリス、ウィンストン・チャーチル・メモリー・トラスト(Winston Churchill Memory Trust)のフェローシップを獲得し、若手エングレーバーのCastro Smith(カストロ・スミス)が日本にやって来ました。彼は、歴史あるブリティッシュ、エングレービング(金やシルバーなどに彫りを入れていく)の優秀なクラフトマンです。




今回は、年齢も28歳と29歳のエングレーバー、Castro Smith と宮本輝美が実演をいたします。若手ながら卓越した感性と技術を持った二人の静かな闘いも見ものです。


British Engraving vs Japanese Engraving

The tradition and culture in hand engravings

 Date: November 20th (Sun.)

 Time: 2:00PM-

 Place: Shinko Studio Setagaya shop

On November 20th (Sun.) at the Shinko Studio Setagaya shop we will be holding a demonstration event with two engraving craftspeople, the British Castro Smith, and Terumi Miyamoto, both of whom are highly skilled outstanding talents in their twenties.

All of the hand engraved works are bespoke, and so they also make extra special Christmas presents.

On the day, visitors will be able to see the differences between British and Japanese engraving, and we will also be taking orders for engraving initials etc. We also take requests for engraving Japanese hiragana and kanji characters.

Engraver& Designer

Castro James Smith

Having undergone training at R.H. Wilkins engraving workshop in London's Hatton Garden, Castro's specialty is traditional coat of arms engraving techniques. He has won first prize at the Goldsmiths' Craft Awards, and as well as large pieces of silverwork like the Wimbledon trophy, he also engraves fine pieces like lockets and rings. He is currently putting his efforts into creating pieces as a member of the Goldsmiths.

Engraver & Stone setter

Terumi Miyamoto

Terumi graduated from the crafts course at the Tohoku University of Art and Design, and was engaged in Japanese engraving and diamond setting at a bespoke jewelry company. She currently works independently, taking requests from Japanese high-end jewelry brands. She is involved in a wide variety of activities, including teaching at metal engraving classes and workshops, and creating works.

Sun Nov 20, 2016
2:00 PM - 3:30 PM JST
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