Relax...Series - Quantum Zazen Meditation (2/3)


Have you tried meditation before, where you sit for long minutes... sometimes even for hours... and in the end, the only thing you got is a back pain?
Of course it's part of the process to learn the good posture and reach the deeper states of meditation. But isn't it a bit annoying to go through long and painful meditations without getting all the benefits of it? :)
Sometimes it feels like the longer we meditate, the more pain we have in our back, our legs or our feet.

What if you could deepen your meditation despite all those troubles?
What if you knew a meditation where the more you relax, the deeper you go? The more you let go, the better it gets? The more you release, the more relaxed you feel?

Imagine every part of your body... your back, your belly... your hands, your face... relaxed, pain-released, soft! Won't your mind be relaxed, clear and soft too?

On this series of 3 free meditation sessions, you will learn how you can connect deeper to yourself by connecting deeper to your body, in a gentle and relaxing way.

The next session, the 22 October from 9am to 11:30am, is the 2nd of the series and will allow new practitioners to discover Relaxation Meditation and participants who joined our first session to deepen their meditation and its benefits!

Relax your body
Relax your mind
Let go of the strain
Enjoy being here

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Wanting to create a space where it is easy and accessible to be conscious, Master Kelvin Lim created Quantum Zazen and its community as a place where people could learn meditation for free, without any religious affiliation. The objective of the practice is to reach a state of calmness and clarity that allows a person to flow with life.

At each session, participants are reminded of the basic breathing practice of Zazen so they can go deeper into meditation through a more specific channel in the second part of the session. We already did Smell Meditation, Walking Meditation, Sound Meditation, Sunrise Meditation... and this series is focused on Relaxation.

Would you like to release intellectual stress and physical stress at the same time, in one practice?
Are you looking for something that would open you to be more in flow with life, with your mind and with your body?

See you soon!

The Quantum Zazen team

Sat Oct 22, 2016
9:00 AM - 11:30 AM SGT
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