Around The World: Indians in Southeast Asia


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Join us as Prof A Mani introduces the background and spread of the Indian diaspora in Southeast Asia.

The cultural interactions between India and Southeast Asia predates historical period and is evident in the society and culture of contemporary Southeast Asia. However, there was never a large movement of Indians to Southeast Asia until the mid-19th and 20th centuries. The colonial integration of Southeast Asia into the world economy brought large numbers of Indians from various parts of the Indian subcontinent to Burma (Myanmar), Malaya & Singapore, Dutch East Indies (Indonesia), Thailand, French Indo-China and the Philippines.

The talk addresses the structure of Indian communities in contemporary Southeast Asia. The major Indian communities such as the Tamils, Sindhis, Sikhs, Bangladeshis and others will be commented by the speaker. The talk, instead of listing the Indian communities in various Southeast Asian countries will take a thematic approach. Sections of the talk will address their identity retention, integration of values of the region, their religions, and their adjustment to the economies and political conditions of the various countries in the region. The political and social impact of nation building processes upon the Indians will be addressed. Finally the impact of the economic rise of India upon Indians in Southeast Asia will be commented upon.

About the Speaker:

Prof. Mani is Professor in the College of Asia Pacific Studies at the Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Japan. His wide-ranging research interests include migration, education and ethnicity in Southeast Asia. Some of his major publications are The Changing Status of Tamil Language in Singapore’s Development (1997), Indian Communities in Southeast Asia (1993); Campaigning for a Gracious Society in Brunei Darussalam (1992); Determinants of Educational Aspiration Among Indonesian Youth (1984), among others.

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Sat Mar 4, 2017
6:00 PM - 7:00 PM SGT
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