Getting your Dream Job: Part 3, Acing your Job Interview


You are prepared for your interview. You know the answers to the questions the interviewer will ask: being prepared is important!

Next question though is how to make sure the Interview will go the way you want?

Two types of interviewers can spell disaster for your job search: the highly skilled and the unconscious incompetent interviewer. Learning how to handle each of these interviewer types is key to turning job interviews into job offers.

Would you like to know how to make the best first impression, with how you dress and your body language? How to go from building trust with the Interwiever to answering to what is really important? Would you like to know how to avoid the questions that are barely legal and still keep the Interviewer comfortable?
What about making an exit he/she will remember you of?

This is exactly what I'll be sharing with you, I'm Manuel, and during this FREE workshop, you'll get to learn how to lead an interview, from the first impression to a graceful exit, to leave a lasting impact on your interviewer!
No more wondering during the interview "where is this conversation going?", take control over how the interview goes!

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I am a Career Coach and a Consultant and in the last 6 years I worked in more than 10 different companies: always successfully getting hired without using networking!

After knowing how to craft a resume, you need to know how to prepare for your interview. Does anyone received training in being interviewed? There are no such training, even in the mos reputed schools. When I got out of my business school, I researched and studied how to build resume and prep interview. I spent days on resume building, interview preparation, job offer negotiation... And I got good at it! I got my jobs and started helping colleagues, friends and clients build their own resume and land their dream job.

So what's the trick behind leading an interview? Interviews are like a plays in theater: the beginning where trust is build, the middle where the real topic is dealt with, and the end where the exit has to be clear and impactful.
1. Do you know what is your objective in each of these parts?
2. Do you know how to lead gracefully from one part to another?

Knowing the process of how a good interview is lead is key to make sure you reach the impactful ending that will make your interviewer remind you!

Interested? Come and find out by reserving your seat!


Here is what you will learn on the evening:
— The 3 part of the Interview Process
— What you need to do to prepare each part
— How to lead gracefully from the beginning to the end (without being too obvious :)
— How to make the interviewer remind you, after the interview is done

So stack the odds in your favor, learn how to lead an interview so that your results don't depends on the interviewer skills! With that workshop, come and learn, ask questions, discuss and train to ace your job interviews!

Location: Classroom 808 French road #04-165
Time: 7pm-9pm
Date: 28th October 2016 (Friday)

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Fri Oct 28, 2016
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM SGT
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