1900Yen KOBE HALLOWEEN ALL NIGHT BIG BASH (3hrs Drinks & Club Entry)



**集合場所** 大阪在住の方もしくは遠方の方:阪急梅田3F改札 7:00pm 10月28日(金曜日)




The Rock Address: 3-5-6 Kanocho, Chuo-cho | FPB Bldg.2F, Kobe 650-0001, Hyogo Prefe




参加費 2300円
     1900yen インターネット申し込み割引 先着25名様
These tickets are limited -only 25 tickets.

Welcome to "THE SCARE!!".

Expecting about 80~100people (30 Osakas, 40 Kobe ppl, 30 foreigners). Good mix hey! (Promoting through 8 other webpages).

Every event organizer puts up their prices on halloween....I have discounted the tickets!!! "I just want to make Kobe great again!!" ( hahha bloody Trump)....but seriously lets make Kobe an awesome place to hang out together!!!

NOTE: All the people coming from Osaka please meet at 7:00pm at Umeda Hankyu top floor (3rd floor) on Friday 28th.

Doing Halloween in Osaka every year is getting boring so lets go on a mini getaway trip for the Osakans:)

As for the people living in Kobe...just meet us at the pub..easy!! We want to provide premium events for those living in Kobe:)

NOTE: We will have a 400yen language exchange immediately before (6:15 till 7:45). This includes all you can drink cola/water/tea/ginger ale for 1hr30mins. Please come to that too if you have time.

Party people!!!!� .....Halloween is upon us and its time to put on your scary costume and get scared..... by your own reflection!!!!! hhahhaah.
Some people will wear a full costume but most will only wear 1 item like a hat or wear black clothes...thats fine too:)

Its will be one of our BIGGEST parties of the year sooooooo....come and join us.

It will be our FIRST TIME IN KOBE doing an event soooooo...join us for our Kick Off Party and Halloween Party. Two times the fun!!!!

We will start off at "The Rock" 7:45 till 10:45pm. Here we will have the 3hrs all you can drink, so come on time so you can....drink more:)

Then we will move on to one of the best Nightclubs in Kobe with free entry!!!
FREE drinks of your choice will be awarded at the Nightclub for:

�Scariest costume
�Most Ridiculous costume
�Sexiest costume
�Person who is stupid enough to wear a pumpkin on their head

�We will play some interesting and original mic games to get the crowd going and make sure your entertained!!! Again, free drinks of your choice will be given out at the nightclub!!


�All you can drink for 3hrs - a wide selection of drinks (there are also non alcoholic drinks)

� A free hangover!!! :P

�A chance to meet friendly, upbeat people from around the world.

�Free nightclub entry (one of the best clubs in Kobe)

�Hosts who take the time to know you and mix you in with others especially if your shy/nervous. (Thats part of what a host SHOULD do)


-1900yen (payment online 15% discount) . This is the link to the payment site(its very safe):

-2300yen (at the door)

Discounted cause it our very first party in Kobe. You get free Nightclub Entry too.

Reserve your ticket as 100 people is the maximum attendance!!!!

NOTE: We will have a 400yen language exchange immediately before (6:15 till 7:45). This includes all you can drink cola/water/tea/ginger ale for 1hr30mins. This location is also at "The Rock".


Address: 3-5-6 Kanocho, Chuo-cho | FPB Bldg.2F, Kobe 650-0001, Hyogo Prefecture.

Useful link to a map: http://tinyurl.com/hdg4wn2

5~10minute easy walk from Sannomiya Train Station!!


7:45pm till 10:45pm Is the all you can drink part.
From 10:45 till close at the nightclub. So stay all night.....if you want.


❂About 70 ~100

❂ Usually up to the age of 35 years old but we always get at least a few over 50y.o. and a few cheeky 18 years old who try to sneak in:P

❂We get a good mix of Japanese, foreigners, travelers, students, business people, couples, singles, regulars and new comers:)

❂Our other attendees are super genki and friendly people. Have a drink and you`ll be part of THE team....OUR team:) Our staff always make an effort to introduce the quieter ones to others so its all good. Just relax and let it flow.

❂ Come and practise the language your learning. Everyones here to help:) Just have a go and you will probably surprise yourself!!

❂Note, this is not a party where you can use the bring a friend for free promotion as this event is already super discounted.

AFTER PARTY: Going to an awesome nightclub

CONTACT: Dont hesitate to message or call ANYTIME. Andy, LINE ID: admars1

"Eat, Drink, Mingle, Make new friends, and Cause a little mischief"

Dont let your shynes be your excuse not to come:) An awesome night awaits you!!!:)

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Fri Oct 28, 2016
7:50 PM - 11:50 PM JST
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The Rock Kobe
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Venue Address
FPB Bldg. 2F, 3-5-6, Kano-cho, Chuo-ku, Kobe, Kobe Japan
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